‘Big Eyes’ Starring Amy Adams

"Big Eyes" Starring Amy Adams
“Big Eyes” Starring Amy Adams

One of cinema’s true visionary directors has lined up his latest project and it is shaping up to be a beauty. Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Batman, Edward Scissorhands) is set to bring the true life drama ‘Big Eyes’ to the big screen with an impressive, award winning cast and now the casting team behind this highly anticipated production are setting up auditions for a number of fantastic roles. This could be the casting call of the year for talented performers of all ages.

Aspiring actors can apply today for several roles in this incredible new feature film.


Mr. Burton’s latest opus will tell the true story of painter Margaret Keane who achieved incredible success beginning in the 1950’s with her depictions of women and children, all of which featured the subjects with large, doe-like eyes. In the 1960’s her story took a dark turn as her husband Walter began taking credit for her work and the legal battle for ownership and profits from the art went all the way to federal court. ‘Big Eyes’ will feature one of the casts of the year that will be highlighted by the talents of four time Oscar Nominee Amy Adams (The Fighter, Man Of Steel, Enchanted), two time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Muppets Most Wanted), Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, Veronica Mars, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23), Golden Globe nominee Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Children of Men, Wrath of the Titans) and Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I Heart Huckabees). (‘Big Eyes’ IMDb Page)


The casting directors for ‘Big Eyes’ are accepting submissions now for supporting, stand in, day player and extras roles in this amazing production. Interested actors can send emails here bigeyesprod@gmail.com to apply for available roles and for more information on the project. More updates will be posted upon their release so keep checking back for more information and speak your mind below and tell us what you think of this new Tim Burton film and why you want to audition for ‘Big Eyes’ starring Amy Adams.

9 thoughts on “‘Big Eyes’ Starring Amy Adams

  1. My name is Dana Johnson
    Im 16 birthday is October 26
    Im a male
    Im 6 feet
    Im native American
    I love acting
    Im willing to relocate
    I want to apply for any available spots
    Ive been in 7 School plays.
    I have long black hair but its currently braided
    My family has suffered a devastating impact so we are very, very poor
    All I want to be is an actor, its my dream job.
    Ive played football for 4 years now
    Ive been in band for 6 years
    I just want whatever role you give me
    If you need pictures of me I will send some

  2. Hi!
    Just to start off, I love singing and acting. I’m a very talented singer and actress, and this sounds like the movie for me! This movie has a wonderful cast and I would love to have a supporting role!

    Hair: Black, Long and Curly (willing to change my hair of it does not fit the part)
    Eyes: Very Dark Brown
    Height: 5’7″
    Acting Experience: Guys and Dolls Theater Production

    Thank you, I hope to hear from you.

  3. Hi, my name is Beatriz I’m from Portugal, but I’m fluent in english, I’m going to be 15 in a couple of days. I don’t have many experience in acting, but I think it would be fun to do a Tim Burton movie because I really like him and playing one of his characters would definitely be a great adventure.

  4. hello, im Amanda rusiti, and im 14 an turning 15 next year, I would love to be in this movie and i have brown eyes and brown hair and im from kosovo and norway, i can sing, act and dance so please just give me a chance and i will not let you down

  5. Hello.
    My name is Mariam Ivardava(Iva),I’m still at school,but it’s my last year.

    The date of birth: september 30,1997

    I have brown eyes,brown hair,I look like older esspecially with make up.I’m a singer,I was a Georgian national dancer during 11 years.I’ve been in Italy,Greece and Turkey.Never been in Usa and it’s my dream to get there and become amazing actress and a singer,so hope someone will help me with this!…I can act,so if you will need me I’m here,thanks for waisting your time on me.

  6. Hello!
    My name is Hannah Robertson. I’m a former Colorado Native and am interested in starting my acting career very soon. I’m very good with listening and direction. Tim Burton movies are particularly my favorite because his ideas and creativeness are absolutely breathtaking! I am still in school but I am willing to do anything it takes to make this movie come to life. Thank you so much!

    Age: 15
    Height: 5’9″
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Born: Colorado

  7. Hello my name is Erika (female)

    Age: 12 (13 in June)

    Height: 4′ 11”

    Blonde haired
    Blue eyed
    Skinny, athletic, and healthy structure

    About me:
    I am experienced in improv, cold reads, and over all acting. I am in the theater magnet at my junior high. I am creative, intelligent, and versatile. I am also open to doing any type of role and I work well with others.
    I am VERY familiar with all of Tim Burton’s movies and books and LOVE them.

    Contact (anytime before 8:30am or after 3:30pm)

  8. hi

    My name is: Isabella Borrero Conde

    age: 14 ( but i look like 15 )

    female teen

    height : 1,65 (or more)

    brown eyes , brown brunette and long hair

    i am thin and in good conditions

    about me:
    I have been in many plays of the school and even outside the school at big and important theater in my country so I have experience as an actress and I want to take it to the next level, my dream always been to be a actress i will be ready to do every thing EVERY THING if its necesary , acting for me is not a job is a hobby or something that I love to do and I would love to do it all the timeI love the movie.

    I’d love to good news or a call or email or whatever informing me that I was accepted i will appreciate endlessly that be cause you fulfilled my dream

    thake you so much

    greetings isabella choose me pleaaaseeee

  9. Hello,
    My name is Tatjana Sculija and i hope you will choose me to be apart of this movie as i know tim burton is an amazing director from the pirates of the caribbean to the corpse bride, i am a novice but i put my whole being into a character and know that acting is about reacting,rehearsal and research also it allows the actor/actress to become anyone. I hope to hear from you soon.

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