‘McFarland’ Starring Kevin Costner

McFarland Starring Kevin Costner
McFarland Starring Kevin Costner

Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, fresh off of his incredible turn in the blockbuster Superman film ‘Man Of Steel’, is set to roll on his next exciting project and you could be a part of it.

The producers and casting directors for the true story sports drama ‘McFarland’ are on the lookout for performers of all ages for a number of roles and casting calls for this fantastic project will begin soon and submissions are being accepted today.

Actors of all ages and experience levels can apply today for roles in the all new drama ‘McFarland’.


‘McFarland’ is based on the true events surrounding the eponymous high school and their track team. The tell the story of Jim White, a high school football coach who loses his job and is forced to relocate his wife and children to the small and economically destitute town of McFarland, California after he accepts a job as the cross-country coach at the town’s Latino dominant high school. White works to bridge the cultural and physical gaps that exist amongst his players and eventually builds one of the strongest programs in the country. This fantastic project has all of the elements that made such films as ‘Remember The Titans’, ‘The Rookie’ and ‘Rudy’ the timeless hits that they are. Joining Mr. Costner (‘Dances With Wolves’, ‘JFK’, ‘Hatfields & McCoys’) will be an a supremely talented supporting cast that includes Screen Actors Guild Award winner Maria Bello (‘Grown Ups’, ‘The Cooler’, ‘Thank You for Smoking’), Carlos Pratts (‘The Bridge, ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’, ‘Southland’) and Johnny Ortiz (‘Ali’, ‘Play It To The Bone’, ‘Piñero’). The next great true life story is coming to the big screen and you could be a part of it (‘McFarland’ on IMDb).


Auditions for several roles of various sizes will be held soon and interested performers of all ages can submith themsleves for consideration now by heading here https://www.facebook.com/mcfarlandextras. More details will follow and will be posted here so be sure to check back for updates and speak your mind below and tell us why you want to land an audition for Kevin Costner’s inspirational new drama, ‘McFarland’.

10 thoughts on “‘McFarland’ Starring Kevin Costner

  1. I would absolutely love any part in a movie with Kevin Costner. Or any other movie for that matter. I spend almost all my spare time, outside of work, watching movies. I have an utmost love for the movie industry and totally regret never having pursued being any part of it. I am 55 years old, Single, average height, average weight, and very outgoing, personable and sporadic . I once dated a guy when I was in my 40s, whose father was a Vegas Elvis. He worked with Kevin Costner on 3000 miles to Graceland. I met him and have a signed photo from them. I’ll always treasure it !! Mr. Costner is a huge fan of mine

  2. I’m a Kevin Costner fan working with him would be cool and I love Movies so hire me in a role please….

  3. I’m a country boy that hasn’t had a whole lot of stuff, the only real thing I care about is acting, it’s all I have and I’m confident I could play any role you’re kind enough to ask me to play in. I hope my southern accent wouldn’t get in the way, but it isn’t to thick of an accent.


  4. Im a 39year old white South African male with a great passion for acting but have never really pursued it due to circumstances. Im willing to travel or do a skype audition. Im 5’8 weigh 84 kg with broad shoulders, black hair and brown eyes. I have been told that im a Josh Brolin, Jim Carey and believe it or not John Cena look a like. Why i dont know. I have done numerous school plays and did a play in 2004 called something funny happened on the way to the forum in which i played the lead role of Miles Gloriosus. I believe myself to be a very versatile actor and can do anything from comedy,drama and horror. I am currently writing a screen play as well.

  5. Hello,
    my name is Viviana Gomes. I’m a portuguese girl, but I live in Germany. I know it is not easy to get an audition, because I live in Europe, but I try it anyway. Because I always try to be one step closer to my dream, to be a successful actress. I would be willing to going to go to any location for the filming or casting auditions.
    Hight: 5 ‘5
    Age: 15 (27.01.1999)
    Hair: brown (long)
    Weight: 152 (I’m on a diet)
    Eyes: brown
    Sports: dance
    I hope I get an email from you soon
    – Viviana Gomes

  6. Hello.
    My name is Mariam Ivardava(Iva),I’m still at school,but it’s my last year.

    The date of birth: september 30,1997

    I have brown eyes,brown hair,I look like older esspecially with make up.I’m a singer,I was a Georgian national dancer during 11 years.I’ve been in Italy,Greece and Turkey.Never been in Usa and it’s my dream to get there and become amazing actress and a singer,so hope someone will help me with this!…I can act,so if you will need me I’m here,thanks for waisting your time on me.

  7. Hey, I am Joshua Suggs. I am very passionate about acting and working all kinds of people. Being able to work with such gifted and amazing people would be a true priviledge. Simply auditioning would be a great honor. If I had a chance from all of you, I would work hard, express positivity and encouragement, and do my best. Acting is more than being another person. It is also understanding another world, different people, relating yourself to those people, and using a great story to inspire our world.

    Thank you,
    Joshua Suggs.

  8. Hello, my name is Snowy Pele Primmer.
    I am extremely interested in a role in ‘McFarland’ as I am looking to get into the television/film scene. My previous experience has mainly been stage acting with a few short films however my ultimate goal is to be in a major film or television show. However, regarding any possible audition I live in Australia so if the auditions were held in America I would currently be unable to attend (due to lack of sufficient funding) but if possible I would appreciate it so much if I could send in a tape of me doing some readings, or anything you would suggest/ask for. Given the opportunity for a role in this film I would gather the funds to fly over.
    A bit of information on me;
    Birth date: 07th December 1995
    Height: 5’2 – 5’3
    Hair: Medium dark brown, just longer then shoulder length.
    Eyes: Green.
    Location: Perth, WA, Australia.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I can be contacting on this email
    Thank you for your time.

  9. Hi I Would Want To Become Apart Of This Movie , IAlways Wanted To Become An Actor Not Because Of The Money Alone But TheTo Have A Frame Of Mind That Whatever You Put Your Mind To You Can Do IT . I Live In Jamaica Where We Hardly Have The Resources For Acting Always But I Know If I Audition For This Show I Know I Have That Talent Thankyou !!!

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