Hugh Laurie TV Show “Chance” Seeking Extras

Hugh Laurie TV Show “Chance” Seeking Extras

Casting Call for Men & Women for Hulu TV Show in San Francisco

The new Hulu series “Chance” is now filming and casting directors are looking for men and women to be background extras in the show. The series stars former “House” star Hugh Laurie. Beau Bonneau Casting is now seeking men and women ages 18 and up who are San Francisco locals. The casting call is seeking people to play pedestrians, people with cars, café/bar patrons, baristas, servers, business and courthouse types, hipsters, hospital staff, police detectives, thugs and more! The series is filming through October.

About the Show

The show follows a SF-based neuropsychiatrist into a violent, dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption & mental illness. This psychological thriller, based on Kem Nunn’s novel, directed by Lenny Abrahamson, stars Hugh Laurie, Gretchen Mol & Ethan Suplee.

Key Details

Shoot Location: San Francisco, CA

Shoot Date: 7/13 and 7/14-7/27

Roles & Requirements

Available people to portray the types below:

Background roles range from Pedestrians, People with Cars (basic & high end, no red/white), Cafe/Bar Patrons, Baristas, Servers, Business and Courthouse types, Hipsters, Hospital Staff, Police & Detectives to Thugs and Down-and-Out Types. We’ll have a constant need through Oct. for new background actors, especially people with interesting faces, unique looks & real experience in some roles for authenticity.

* Wed 7/1 3 – Clean-Cut 18-21 yr olds with Young Faces & Smaller Statures to portray younger High School Students. * Submit with Subject Line: 7/13 School, Name, Approx Age, City you live in, Cell #, include Ht, Wt & Sizes best you know them & attach 2 new color snapshots as requested in the submission instructions below. (Sorry, no minors can be considered unless already a high school graduate with a Diploma or GED)

* Wed 7/1 3 – Well-Groomed 25-50s with Upscale Luxury Cars (no red/white) to portray High School Parents/Teachers/Nice Neighborhood Pedestrians. Cars will be parked at a school to look like drop off/pick up and/or along the street for neighborhood atmosphere. * Submit with subject line: 7/13 Car, Name, Approx Age, Car Year, Color, Make & Model, In email note Cell#, City you live in, Ht, Wt & Sizes best you know them & attach 2 new color snapshots as requested in the submission instructions below.

— General Availability for Episode 4, shooting 7/14 – 7/27 Mon – Fri. We will post specific needs/dates above very soon when we have more info! We’ll definitely need Pedestrians & People with everyday Cars, clean cut types to portray Police Officers/Detectives and people willing to portray gritty character roles, i.e. Homeless, Prostitutes, etc. Please check your calendar before submitting! We may not post all dates, some days have no extras etc, so include more than 1 avail date if possible, but only realistic future avail for dates you already know are free ALL DAY!

Hours/Parking/Food/Rates: Shoots last up to 10-12 hours on average. Start times are unknown until the night before & we never know end times. You must be avail all day, early morning. i.e. 6AM to late evening without conflict. Free Parking is provided, as well as a meal after 6-7 hrs & snacks/drinks when not on set. Non Union Extras are paid $104.00 at minimum for 8 hrs or less, plus overtime at time & ½ based on the SF min wage $13/hr. Additional pay applies if cast with: Car/Motorcycle $20, Dog $12, Bicycle $12, Luggage, Camera/Skateboard $5. SAG-AFTRA members get scale.

Employment Requirements: Extras must present valid government approved ID on set for I-9 paperwork or you will be turned away. U.S. Citizens can use a current U.S. Passport alone or must have both a valid Drivers License or State Photo ID, with Social Security Card or Birth Certificate. Non U.S. Citizens must have a Green Card, Permanent Resident Card or Work Authorization from Dept. of Homeland Security. Production is the employer, they use a payroll company to process payment and it typically takes 10-15 business days to receive your check.

Instructions for submission

Bay Area locals that are available during weekdays for extra work, email the following to

Subject line: Avail date(s), Your Name, Approx Age, City you live in, Cell #

-Union Status: Non Union or SAG-AFTRA#. If Union member we have not cast before, attach photo of SAG-AFTRA card

-Height, Weight & Sizes best you know them (Men: Suit, Neck x Sleeve, Waist x Inseam, Shoe; Women: Dress, Pants, Shoe, Measurements)

-Have a Car/Motorcycle/Bicycle? Note Car/Motorcycle Year, Color, Make & Model or Bicycle type

-Have Bartending, Waiter/Waitress, Barista or Catering Experience? If yes, tell us about it

-Real Life Doctor, Nurse, EMT, Police, Military or 1st Responder Work Experience or Training? If yes, tell us about it

-Real Court Reporter with a Stenotype machine? If yes, tell us about it & include pic of machine

-Have a medium size, well-behaved Dog? Note Dog’s Name, Age, Breed, Temperament & Attach new pic of you together

-Take & Attach 2 new color snapshots, 1 chest-up smiling & 1 standing (no hats/sunglasses) so we can see your current look

-If willing to portray rough or gritty character roles, e.g. Thug, Homeless, Addict, Prostitute, etc., send more pics!

-Dress for the part, with natural, un-styled hair, no make up, etc. & Take a non-smiling close up & standing pic (no sunglasses). If you have visible tattoos, include photo(s) if possible

For the full casting call and details you can click here for the casting directors page with all of the information.

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