‘Fast & Furious 7’ Starring Vin Diesel

'Fast & Furious 7'
‘Fast & Furious 7’

Hollywood’s fastest and most furious film franchise is coming off of their biggest and most successful installment yet and now production is set to begin once again on another high octane adventure.

‘Fast & Furious 7’ is set to roll in front of cameras very soon and now the chance for aspiring performers of all ages to audition for their shot to be a part of the next multi-million dollar worldwide phenomenon.

Submissions are being accepted today from actors interested in a role in one of the biggest films of the new year.


‘Fast & Furious 7’ will follow the events of ‘Fast & Furious 6’ wherein Dominic Toretto and the “Fast” crew taking down Owen Shaw, now Shaw’s brother Ian has made it his mission to exact revenge and he will stop at nothing to get it. This tense and action packed story will once again be written by the team of Chris Morgan and Gary Scott Thompson and will be directed this time around by rising star filmmaker James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious: Chapter 2). Wan will have the resources of one of the strongest casts in film franchise history that includes the talents of Vin Diesel (Riddick, Boiler Room, Saving Private Ryan), Paul Walker (Running Scared, Flags of Our Fathers, Pleasantville), Dwayne Johnson (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, The Game Plan), Tyrese Gibson (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Death Race, Baby Boy) and outstanding new additions Kurt Russell (Stargate, Tombstone, Miracle), 2 time Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Blood Diamond) and action heavyweight Jason Statham (The Transporter, Crank, The Expendables) as Ian Shaw. (‘Fast & Furious 7’ on IMDb)


The producers and casting directors for this sure to be global hit are organizing casting calls now and interested performers of all ages and experience levels can submit themselves for available roles and more information on the production by sending emails here fast7atl@gmail.com. We will be sure to post more audition details as they become available so check back for updates and speak your mind below and tel us why you would like to audition for the latest installment of one of the biggest movie franchises in history, ‘Fast & Furious 7’.

155 thoughts on “‘Fast & Furious 7’ Starring Vin Diesel

  1. I recently sent a resume and photo to Mr. Vin Diesel. I am a Dodge fan. The faster the ride is. The better it is. I know of a few 67-70 Dodge Chargers,Barracuda, and a Super Bee. I call it “Breaking The Law” the song. For Paul Walker. In September anything goes. Let’s see what you got..

  2. I would love to be a part of this film production I’ve been watching it sense its first installment it would be honor to work with two of my biggest ideal the vin diesel and Dwayne Johnson and of course the beautiful on lovely Michelle Rodriguez plus I thought the need new action hero from the Caribbean and that’s where I come in Jamaican born raise in both America and Jamaica fresh from the newly not yet realese made in New York and the new sit come to come the Mullins I’m also a script writer all I want is my chance

  3. For most of my years, I was mimicking Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Although, He looks like a lot like my father, I do have the same intensity in my eyes and a gorgeous acting face (Dont laugh) with a amazing sharp jawline to become the villain/technical/driver anything. I Am 6’5 ft and 21 years old with a unique character that can blend in with my exotic features with many accents.
    Applying for Fast and Furious 8 🙂

  4. I’m looking for an opportunity to play a role or simply be an extra. I’m a former gangmember from LOS ANGELES CA, covered in tattoos including face tats so I have a unique appearance that this film can benifi

  5. Hi I’m Najavy and I would want to be in Furious 8. It is my dream to become an actor and be in the movie ever since I was small I’d watched all the fast n furious. I love action movies and when I see a movie I feel like it’s my dream to go up there and be an actor. I hope I get the part I have hazel eyes and it would be awesome and really fascinating. Good luck to the other people and I’m happy I finally came out to what I needed to say.

  6. Hey guyzz, i m Jayrajsinh from India. I watched the whole series of Fast And Furious and let u know that i m a diehard fan of Vin and Paul. I saw an Indian actor in Fast 7. I am 15 now and i wish to act in Fast and Furious 8…wanna do something for Paul…..plz infom me about any update by mailing me..i m also on facebook and twitter@ lucasjay128…

  7. Hi my name is Kendall Louis.I was born in Mauritius Africa on the 11/05/1999. I live in Brisbane Australia and this is my audition as main cast in Fast & Furious 8

    So ever Since I was 9 I was Addicted to Fast cars & the adrenaline I get when being in a fast car. When i was in 6th grade i signed up for the school play, it was Cinderella. But sadly I was only chosen to be the understudy for the prince. So i feel like i couldn’t really show the world my acting. I know that sounds cheesy lol. Ever Since I was a fetus my dream becoming a Hollywood superstar and I spend hours in drama and Music classes 2 times a week trying to pursue my dream of being a hollywood superstar. In 2011 i Heard of a Movie Called Fast Five. So i watched it and HOLY. This movie is combining my love of fast cars and acting, and I was like .. I want to star in this film and being a part of fast & and furious would be a dream of mine because as I said I Love Cars and I’m talented at Acting. I was also played as chad danforth for my drama teams version of High School Musical 3. I Think That I Would also be a good role in the movie because I have a connection to Paul Walker. I met walker at a restaurant in LA In 2010 while he was filming the movie takers. I Became friends with meadow and Had a relationship with paul. Until we moved to australia in mid 2013 and his Tragic death in late 2013. I also worked with Reach Out Worldwide.

    Now that enough about me now the movie Fast and furious 8. I think it would be great if the movie was filmed in New York or Sydney. It would be cool to have it like ride though the NYC subway or like the Sydney Opera House or Sydney Bridge. I think that i would be a great cast member because the Younger generation what someone young to be in the fast and furious movie and it would be cool to show them that that could happen

    May you please respond and send me an audition form so i could send yous a Audition Tape

    Thank you for your time


  8. Fast and Furious 7 was an amazing tribute to Paul Walker, I absolutely loved it. I understand you are no longer searching for actors for the seventh fast and furious, but I’ve heard rumors of a fast and furious 8. I would love to be apart of the Fast Family as they continue to change the lives of people around them. I’m 20 years old, and from SC. I don’t have much experience in acting, I was in the fine arts program when I was younger and I’ve helped friends with small video productions, but nothing major. I’m a self proclaimed artist who puts 100% passion into everything I do. I feel like acting is an art, and art changes people’s lives in many ways. These movies not only teach you about racing but also have a lot of moral teachings and I’ve learned a lot just by watching. I’m a shy individual at times and I believe being in a role of a film this amazing would get me completely out of my comfort zone. Not only would I be improving myself but hopefully I’d be encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and do something that scares them and see where it leads. I’d be great to take part in an amazing film such as this one. Thanks for your time!

  9. Yeah hello! I’m sherraine and Well I’m gonna cut straight to the point I may sound 30 years old well I’m only 13 from new Zealand and we’ll if you wanna know more just email me because I’m not putting all my detail online
    why Would I like to act in this film? One reason I WAS BORN TO RACE! 😉

  10. My dream is to race with Dom and Paul but Paul is at the place we’re he deserves if I get chance to act in the film I will leave medicine FAF kirrak no one can beat u guys

  11. My name is sandeep and from india,
    I know it is impossible but it is my wish
    To become a part of furious movee

  12. It has always been a passion of mine to be involved in the fast family. I grew up watching all the movies. I always acted like I did have a main role throughout all the movies. I feel that I would truly made to be in the fast family. I pray about it, I wish about it. It’s a dream that I want and plan on making come true :). I’m 19 turning 20 in July. Hopefully I get a part.

  13. I would like to be in fast 8 because it would be a dream come true for me. Another reason is because I would love love love to meet the cast I really wanted to meet Paul I really truly think I’m his biggest fan but he’s in a better place so I would at least like to meet his brother Cody Walker and the rest of the crew so thx for reading my comment hope you choose me have a wonderful day!
    P.S I’m a girl and I’m 11.

  14. Hi, I’m Jeanine and from Malaysia. I wish to do something that would make my parents proud of me.

  15. Would love a scene in fast and furious 8 just bought a wrx 2015 started to hook it up as I have had lancer Hondas etc and to just have my car looking as awesome as any of your racing cars I will be so happy cause that’s all I love to do race hook cars up ride my motorcycle and just enjoy the speed of the engine… Even as a extra wouldn’t be mad just wanna be part of it ..thanks

  16. I am writing here for any auditions for the new fast and furious movie. I have been a fan my entire life and i believe i would be a valid part to the team. I am 17 years old, 18 in the summer and i have always dreamed about becoming an actor. I am very enthusiastic about what i do and i am very comfortable in front of the camera. I live in Kent in England however i would be able to travel if i was given an opportunity.

  17. Me Bad boy trying to be good, Semi Truck Driver, Speed No Limits, One Time One movie, all about having fun, making it real ,

  18. A kid w a dream…amazing worth it unique and dedicated to anything she comes to love……a once in a life time opportunity.11yrs old…good in school…rough set of cards delt to her and yet she is still making me proud ……her passion to be her best is breath taking at times…and others simply impressive……to add she is a huge fan collecting each fast and the furious movies anxiously awaiting the releas of #7 …..and for your reply…….in hopes the right person finds these words……she says she would like an action part….lol..

  19. Hi I am very interested in being in furious 8 I really like fast cars and stunts it is fine if I don’t get it thanks garrett

  20. Hi my name is ashley i am 11 years old i have dark brown hair and also dark brown eyes . i am a girl. I am a really really big fan of fast and the furious . my celebrity crush is paul walker he is my idol .i really love all the movies and would love to have an action scene in the movie i cried when i saw furious seven but i have been wanting to do something big in my life. I have been bullied alot in all my schools i have gone to so this would change my WHOLE LIFE .my favorite songs are we own it and see you again i wait all day for those songs to come on the radio . right now i am waiting for my paul walker shirt to come in the mail wich i will be wearing to my audition if you accept this thank you

  21. I would love to be a movie extra in Fast & Furious 8 I’m a fast learner can fit into any role Im 6’8 295lbs. I’m of Samoan Decent, just looking for experience in this line of work and I love the innovative ideas being put into the F&F series and would love to keep it going for as long as possible. Plus it would be an honor to meet every working person because the screen work has become even more immaculate throught each movie and even if its just a small part I would love to be apart of it.

  22. Hello my name is Teri, I’ve always loved fast cars and the fast and furious movies. I am 18 years old from Maryland and I would love to be in the fast and furious 8 movie. I like the cars and action just everything about the sequel makes me like it. If you would want me to audition for this fast and furious 8 movie just message me on Facebook Teri Blakeney, Maryland or call my number

  23. hey my name is ahmed and i born in 1986 i really like fast and furious its my dream now to work in this movies in the next part of furious i hope you guys can give me a chance in the movie to work in well i live in cananda Toronto please if there any role i can do it please let me know i have green eyes blond hair .


  24. Hi my name is Tyqah Cattrishyaa, I’m 16 years old live at Kuching, Sarawak ( Malaysian ). in fast & furious movies ilove Paul walker i’m his biggest fan mmm i wish i could met him but yeahh he’s gone. And i also like vin diesel and all of actors/actress in f&f movies. Even thought he’s gone i knew he’s were here supporting you all making newmovies of f&f . he just a great actor and person that why i love too watching f&f. And i would love to be part of the movie. but i would love get a chance at this amazing movie. i am about 5′ 1 and weigh about 42-43kg. Sorry for my bad english by the way.

  25. I’ll make this short and sweet. I love Paul Walker but now he’s not there i would love to be in his shoes in the show. I am very social and outgoing. I’m 11 turning 12 in half in May. Thanks!

  26. I love fast and furious like acting is my passion and im Really talented and I want to be discovered! I know all the lines from 1 to 6 and Now 7 of the fast and furious movies. I want to be a extra in fast 8.

  27. I am 20 years old and i love filming and acting, ever since i saw the first fast and furious movie in 2001 and when i saw Vin Diesel and Paul Walker race the 1995 eclipse, 1993 Mazda RX-7, the 1995 Toyota Supra, and 1970 dodge Charger i was inspired to work on cars. I stared to work on cars when i was 6 and i started play acting at the same time. I took video production in high school, i am now in college and soon will be majoring in auto mechanic. The fast and furious franchise is a awesome series because its not just about racing, and fast cars, its also about family and i admire that. I would love to be apart of the fast and furious family. Thank You.

  28. Hi im Hasan im 5ft 6 from Halifax, England and im aspiring to leave my mark on the world and make sure everyone knows it. I have no previous acting or modelling experience so i am looking for something to kick start my career . I am hard working and will work extremely hard to make an impression and do my absolute best. i will always give 100 percent or otherwise there is no point. Who ever i work with should also expect 100 percent effort from me. I just need someone to give me that one chance to kick start my career. Thank you for reading and i look forward to what the future holds in store

  29. I think that with all the people who saw the fast and fearious movies will miss Actor Paul Walker very much when he passed he left behind a legend one that would show how much fun he had making the movie. So let’s keep up our motivation

  30. hi, my name is Mario Jayakody, and I would love for you to give me a chance to audition for fast and furious 8. therefore please let me know if there are going be any auditions for the upcoming fast and furious movie please please give me a chance to audition.
    Age= 18

  31. unbelievable movie fast and furious 7…..I have no words for this movie. I am biggest fan in India. I am interesting to do work in fast and furious 8 movie . it’s my dream….. plz give a role in this movie.

  32. Hi my addy I’m 11 years old I look way older for my age and yes why would you give a once and a life time opertunity to a kid. well I can do more then what my age says it would be a total honor just to be apart of the greatest franchise movies in the world. I would do anything anything at all like I said just to be apart of it and I would love to show that just because of my age I have more talent then what you could expect but would have to say my inspiration would always have to be Paul walker and no I’m not sucking up to anyone just because in all to respect he died but he will always be a legend and I won’t give up un till my dream comes true.

  33. Hi my name is amy as you can see I Am 17 years old and I don’t no if this is real but if so hope you can take 5 minutes of your time.
    Iv been watching fast&furious since I was a little girl Iv always wanted to drive so at the age of 9 my dad signed me up for rally racing and ever since IV gave myself the confidence to give myself bigger goals by out coming my fears by racing against the big boys and ever since I made my family proud but now I wanna make my family proud,you proud and the people who are going to be watching it.
    Thanks for your time

  34. Hi, Im Arifin, i can be actor like racing fast and furios if the oppurtunity in my live. being actor like is my dream espacially acting about cars and racing. driving super cars and racing cars are my dream.trying to make joke is my fun time to make people happy. stunt driving i can do if the provide the traning guide and what to do. how i wish i can appear in top box office movie in the world. i do my best to so up how it goes to be. hope can give me chance to try something. tq

    height – 158.2cm
    age – 22

  35. “Sup” hi i am Jihan i am 14 years old and i am bangli i really like paul walker moment during the fast and furious first time i saw paul walker movie was fast 6 it was amazing then i watch fast 5 it was more then amazing i am a big fan of paul walker then i started to watch paul walker movie’s i already see the fast 7 but i wanna see fast 8 also i wanna see fast and furious to keep going

  36. hi my name is shamarie im a 15 year old male i can drive im a great driver love FAF and i will love to drive with the crew

  37. hii i am Rohit Deshpande from india, ( mp) gwalior hey vin diesel wanna chance with me your next movie FF8 i luv this series please can you chance with me i wanna show my acting style in this movie FF8 …. 🙂

  38. Am from Kenya. Acting next to Vin Diesel is like living my dreams. I have really waited for this opportunity to use my talent appropriately. Hope i’ll make it through and get a chance.

  39. Hi I am Nelderick Kamfer 20 years old a south African I would really love to be an extra in this film I have dreamed my whole life to act in a movie and I am on the lookout for opportunities I did a lot of research on how to act but never get the opportunity to do so

  40. My name is Thomas Morrison I have always loved going fast. I drive a hybrid car and got it up to 128 mph. Not recommended for the average person to try. The speeding ticket that would go with it is not a pleasant one to pay. Anyway, I really want the opportunity to make a living as an actor but I need a place to start even if it’s just a small role I’ll gladly take the offer. Fast and furious has always been my favorite series so to be in it would just be a dream come true. Even if I don’t make this movie id be happy to be in any future movies that go with the fast and furious series especially the movie you make that’s supposed to follow fast and furious Tokyo drift. I can’t wait for that one to come out

  41. I am 20 years old. The only thing I want now is a race between me and Vin diesel. He wins and get my (…..) car and I win he go home free. Believe in speed and power… motor (live by the car and die by the road.)

  42. hi my name is kyle and i would love to be in this movie. i really want to be a actress when i grow up. i am confident in myself that one day i will be a actress just like Jennifer Aniston. i would be happy to play a small role even if that meant that i would only say one line because its better than not being in it at all.

  43. Hi,

    My name is Fin and I love acting, I am 14 years old and have experienced acting in my life. I have auditioned for the upcoming movie Peter Pan and still waiting to find out. I can sing a but can’t play an instrument. I have brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin and from the UK. If you want to find out more about me visit my Facebook- Finlay Keenan. Then yo can see what I really look like. Hope to find out soon and please get back to me! Thanks!

    Kind Regards,

    Finlay Keenan

  44. Hi, My name is Ayşe Ezgi. In fact I said, my experience is a chance. If you accept, I may not come. I may come of it because I have exams. Do you know Jason Statham I? I am big fan of his. Can you tell me I was his biggest fan? I want to hug my English is good thought to see him.

  45. Hi my name is Brittany i go by Bri , I live in Atlanta ,Georgia and i am from Chicago IL what we call chi-town
    I am 19 years old but have a mind of a 30 year old woman. I grew up having to fight and look over my shoulder but thank god never got shoot and that im still alive….WAIT HOLD HOLD i am a very classy and pretty girl but i always let everyone know dont let my looks fool you. Well should i get to the point huh , I see you having a FAST & FURIOUS 7 if you only knew how many times i watch the last one Because it was just that good , well as you see i would like to audition for FAST & FURIOUS 7 , not very much of a begger , but if you give me one shot you will won’t me i always put my best foot forward and go for it . So once again im not going to beg but i have the talent one shoot is all im asking for Enjoy
    p.s you can reach me at my email everyday all day
    Thank you

  46. they need to put me in the movie Fast and the Furious number 7 I can play a cop I could play a bad guy I can play a wise guy I could play a funny guy I can play a fool of a guyI could play a drug dealer I could play a racecar driverI am an extremely charismatic tough guy

  47. I’m from Detroit, I’m a 17 year old girl body builder I got the looks of beauty girl with a body. I am very active and involved in alot of action. Fast and The Furious is my number 1 movie hands down!!! It has everything I’m interested in. I’m in love with cars I grew up on my father, uncle, and their friends up under the hood working on cars. I remember me watching them but visualizing it was me up under the hood instead of them. Ever since I been fascinated ,the world is looking at the futures next top mechanical engineer and exterior designer. I have a taste that no other female has and I can express it in a unique way of art. Picture me as that female in candy paint on 28’s, doing dounuts, shifting gears to the highest speed, burning rubber wishing someone would past me in a race. Once I roll down that Window males are going to be devastated that its a girl riding out like that. I can hear they comments “she don’t know what she’s doing”. The funny part is I fixed and desinged the car on my own which half of them just be riding in them! Call me Fast and Furious. I dreamed of me in the seen fixing on the car; muscles popping out just like that muscle car and the sound of the motor and exhaust just speaking my language. I am very talented , I have multiple talented I can dance, play the drums, I’m goofy, great host, and most of all I love putting on a show for others not only do I feel good but it makes me feels good to know that others are filled with laughter and enjoyment because of me. To me challenges are what makes me. I stride for success and challenges makes me succeed. I am desperate to take a role in my dream movie! or any movie or tv show. Please reach out to me, I can’t wait to reach out to more people and give them what they want. It’s time for me to be apart of everyone’s satisfaction “Fast and The Furious”

  48. Hai,I’m syam krishna I’m from india .I’m 14 years old.My ambition is to become a part of the fast and the furious.I saw all series of the fast and furious.if I get this oppurtunity my whole life will change.I would love to be included in the part fast and the furious7!!!!! If i get these one this my first acting in my life.

  49. Hello my name is David Olaniregun ,i’m thirteen years old and I live in the UK. If I get accepted to be apart of this film which i’m sure will be amzing, this could be my first big step of becoming an succesful actor. I do play instruments and I can sing so if theres a role for a young boy who can sing and play an instrument I think I’m the guy to call. I hope you take me into consideration to be apart of this spectacular movie. Thank You.

  50. Would love to have chance to be on this movie . I have always wanted to act and living on the edge . I missed an audition when I was 17 and never tried again . would be a dream come true

  51. Hi my name is lauren I am 16 years old and it would be a dream to be a part of fast and furious 7. Iv grown up around fast cars my whole life my dad used to race cars when I was younger and he is the one who introduced me to the fast and furious movies. I have a strong passion for cars and speed! I know it may sound weird coming from a Teenage girl but cars are my life. Please consider using me in this movie thanks.

  52. I would love to be in the next fast and the furious I no every car made by looking at it and even if I don’t see it from the front and can no still from the side so I would love to be in the next one

  53. Hi im born in uk london. Parents are indian/greek. Im big built shaved head beard tattoos. Can speak eng, hindi, punjabi Im a professionally qualified actor but I would love anything just tobe on my favorite films and actors. So please let me know
    Face book- jay ryan
    TWITTER – @jayryanBOSS

  54. Hello sir,
    I love the series of Fast and the Furious.I want to be a part of this movie.I am 14 years old.My friends in school comment me that i am good looking.Although i haven’t done acting yet but still i am dying to be a part of the movie.
    Please approach me for next installment of Fast&furious7

  55. Hi!
    My name is Jasmine.
    Hair: Long, curly, and Black
    Eyes: Very Dark Brown
    Height: 5’7″
    Race/Ethnicity: African American

    I love the Fast and Furious series! I’ve always loved muscle cars and car racing. I would love to be in this movie because its been a very thrilling series and I would love to be involved! When Paul Walker died, it was very sad, and it will change the Fast and Furious series. What he would want, is for this series to continue to be the good series it was while he was here. I want to help make that happen.

    Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you.

  56. Hello.
    My name is Mariam Ivardava(Iva),I’m still at school,but it’s my last year.

    The date of birth: september 30,1997

    I have brown eyes,brown hair,I look like older esspecially with make up.I’m a singer,I was a Georgian national dancer during 11 years.I love racings and speed.I’ve been in Italy,Greece and Turkey.Never been in Usa and it’s my dream to get there and become amazing actress and a singer,so hope someone will help me with this!…I can act,so if you will need me I’m here,thanks for waisting your time on me.

  57. Hello my name is Alexandria Macqueen i am 19 years old almost 20 and i would love to be part of the movie. I love Vin Diesel and i love the movie.
    I do live in Australia but i would love get a chance at this amazing movie. i am about 5′ 8 and weigh about 55-60kg.
    It worth a shot because i am very dedicated and love to have a laugh. i would love it you consider me and give me a chance.

    Canberra, Australia

  58. I’ve been drag racing cars for 16 years I love cars as much as I love my wife all kinds of cars as long as there fast I love them I love speed I’ve been 8.30 @142 I can drive anything so please contact me thanks can’t wait to c this one

  59. My name is Jay! i love acting, and i never found any other pick to fit me more then the Fast and Furious series!! it would be a dream come true! i live in Canada, currently in Vancouver but i live in Edmonton! i do all my traveling by car! ive been following you guys since the very first one came out! i am spanish, 5’9 and dark skinned. Thank you! hope to hear from you guys soon!

  60. I’m Eilidh Crawford. I’m 14 years old and 5’9. I am a bigger girl and have been bullied because of it. Acting has given me the strength to be more confident and it’s the only thing I am good at. I love fast and furious and would love to work on this with everyone. Please consider.

  61. Hi, Everyone I’m 6.3 dirty blonde hair green eyes not because of anything but people always Confuse me for Paul walker , I’m a very out going charter … And I’m also located in California used to live in Miami but I’m looking forward to audition , contact me let’s go fast7

  62. Hello, my name is Jessica. I’m 20 years old and I’m interested in auditioning for fast 7. I’ve always loved the cameras attention and I’ve always wanted to come out in movies since I was a young child. Honestly, I have no experience in acting, I just act like myself and I’m not shy to do almost anything. It would be an amazing feeling to get the opportunity to audition for this new release. This is my first time applying for an audition and I decided to apply for fast and furious 7 because my god father looks exactly like vin diesel, no lie. Girls always run up to him and ask him if he’s vin diesel. Not only that, but all the fast and furious movies are very good features. I just thought I would give this a try since I’m going to start applying for many other movie auditions and it would be great to meet the cast of fast 7. Thank you, for your time.

  63. Hello!! My name is yadira iam 24 years of age I just want to say that if you give me this opportunity you wont regret it cause this is some thing that I always dream to do, I think life is to short for waisted on not doing what you really like and enjoy!! My passion is acting and I think this ciuld be one of the most great opportunities, I would love to be a part of this group and this movie i am easy to work with ..I have a great personality!! This could be a great experience and something beatifull to talk about to my grandchildren. For the rest of my life I iam willing to give the best of mei would do what I have to do to deserve this great opportunity I am beatifull, energetic, confident, I love working with people in a positive environment.
    Thank you so much for your time ..sincerely:

  64. Sometimes all you have to do is take a chance and the universe will listen to you because you found that one thing that makes you happy in life.
    We make what we desire deep down in our hearts happen if we manifest our whole self, thoughts and believe that it WILL happen instead of saying maybe, or im not sure.
    We are an incredibly powerful beings that have long forgotten our powers of positivity an energy more powerful than anything in the world ,and are clouded by negative unhelpful thoughts of doubt.
    Dream big and make it happen.

    Merve Erkut.
    Perth, Australia

  65. Hi. I am 14 years old and I am intesred in auditioning for “Fast and Furious 7” because I have been a fan of all the movie series and its my drem to be in one of the “Fast and Furious” movies. I am willing to work long and hard. Please consider

  66. Hi my name is rebecca i am a out going person full of life easy going person.
    Positive additude very nice i do love all of the fast movies i dont mind being a extra i would love to it would be a great opportunity for me im a loveable person also. 🙂

    Age 30
    Black hair black eyes

  67. Hi my name is Kenn and im 20 years old. The reason why I would love to be in F&F is because I believe I can bring something to this franchise that everyone would be surprised to see. I can fit in any role there is to play in this or any franchise. I can be bad, good, and both. I know all the movies more than anybody even the actors in the movie. That’s because I see some of the action everyday almost. There’s alot of fights and drag racing around my house which is dangerous and which is the reason why I don’t do it but I love to watch it and I could bring this to you guys because I see it everyday.

  68. Hello! My name is Hayley, and I have been watching the fast and furious movies ever since they came out, they are one of my favourite movies of all time! I have gained a lot of acting experience from school, I just love doing it. I have been acting ever since I was young, and I would thoroughly enjoy being in the next fast and furious movie.
    I am currently around five foot five even and have long brown hair that stretches down to the middle of my back. I am also very physically fit, slim and strong. If you need anymore information, or are interested in havering me audition you can email me.

  69. Hello, my name is Giovana Contreras.
    *Born in Texas and raised in Mexico City.
    *Currently living in Texas
    *20 years old
    *Speak spanish and English
    *I love racing and cars.
    *I love to act and sing

  70. I am 21 yrs old
    African american
    I live in ia
    I am very positive.outgoong.responsible.
    I have no stage fright and very interested in this caating calls for extras. Its hard to travel at thia moment due to money issues but would love to play a part in this billion dollar cast even if being a extra im ok with that

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