“Black Girls Be Like” Adult, Teen & Child Actors – Movie

“Black Girls Be Like” Adult, Teen & Child Actors - Movie
Movie Casting Call – Michigan

Are you ready for your chance to star in a movie? Black Girls Be Like is now casting lead speaking roles for an upcoming feature film. A 2017 Michigan movie casting call is searching for child, teen and adult actors. Filming will shoot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shooting starting this August 14th and end on August 26th. Auditions are being held for the film. There are a ton of available roles so this is a spectacular opportunity. Chosen actors will be paid to be in the movie. Some of the roles they are looking to fill call for males and females who are 5 – 14 years old and 21 to 60 years old. Don’t miss out on this awesome chance to start or further your acting career. Apply for the Michigan casting call to sign up for the audition.

About the Movie

Black Girl’s Be Like is a coming of age tale of a girl at the cross roads of the child she is now and the woman she will become. Does she fall in line with the others and become what her environment dictates? Or does she break out and blaze a new trail?

Key Details

Shoot Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Shoot Dates: 8/14 – 8/26

Paid: Yes

Roles & Requirements

Ta’Sheena is a girl with way too much responsibility at home. She takes care of her little sister and brother and makes sure she looks after herself. So at school and with her friends she’s all about fun. She’s a kid at heart with a tough exterior. Ta’sheena nice, but has a temper. She’s an extremely gifted musician but doesn’t want anyone to know because it makes her stand out from the crowd.  While she yearns for love and acceptance but doesn’t know how to get it. She laughs easily and it’s hard to tell when something is bothering her.

Younger version of Ta’Sheena

Cherelle is Ta’Sheena’s mother. She had Ta’Sheena young so she tries to get her party time in and “live her life” every chance she gets. She loves her kids, but she raises them as she was raised, hard. It’s no room in this world for any more punks, especially not her kids. She doesn’t understand her daughter and mostly she gets on her nerves, but deep down she’s worried she will end up just like her; stuck, with a bunch of kids.

Available Roles

Brittany is a know-it-all and the leader of her friends. Her and Ta’Sheena have been friends since 1st Grade. Some people may call her fast, but she just knows what she wants. She has all the trendiest clothes and stays with her hair done. School comes easy to her, she doesn’t get how people fail, “It’s just so easy!” She’s always into something and doesn’t let life weigh her down.

TT loves her friends Brittany and Ta’Sheena and would do just about anything for them. School is her favorite part of the day because it’s where she gets to see all her friends. Home is a scary place for her but she keeps that part of her life secret and covers it up with always being happy and down for a good time. You need a partner for an adventure? She’s your girl!

Ms. Roberts works at Ta’Sheena’s school. She attended Ta’Sheena’s school when she was a little girl and grew up in the neighborhood. She’s someone who made it good and “got out”. She has a personal commitment to the kids she works with and is really pushing Ta’Sheena to do her best. She understands the student’s struggles because they were once her own, but she looks and sounds nothing like where she came from.

More Roles

Older White man. Mr. Brown has been a teacher at Ta’Sheena’s school for over 25 years. The students now are just “different” and he struggles to understand why it’s so difficult to get them to listen. He’s frustrated but truly cares for his students.

Mr. Philips is passionate about music and tries, sometimes in vain, to get his students to share the same enthusiasm. He understands the pressures that the students face and tries to get them to see how music can help. He cultivates Ta’Sheena’s natural gift with music

Byron has had a lot of disappointments in his life but he’s always been a smooth talker. If anything is too hard for him he gives up, he doesn’t put much effort into anything. He met Ta’Sheena’s mom at the club and things grew from there, he didn’t mind that she already had kids. Now that they have a daughter together things have gotten more serious. He’s pretty bored in the relationship, but nothing better has come along.

Child and Adult Roles

He is Ta’Sheena’s little brother and loves his big sister and his mama. He relies on Ta’Sheena for just about everything.

Butch, looking lesbian. She is one of Cherelle’s close friends, people in the neighborhood talk about just how “close” they really are. She takes care of her biz, but is always there if Cherelle needs her.

PJ/MALE/AGE 14-21:
Easy on the eyes but low key. He’s not the guy that every girl likes-likes, but everybody thinks he’s super cool. He’s smart, calculated, and stays out of trouble. We can tell he comes from a good family. He’s humble, and the type of person that will notice if you’re having a bad day if no one else does.

Opposite of PJ, he’s the tallest of the boys in his grade and all the girls like him. He does his “thang” outside of school too, which gives him a little extra cash that he flashes around school. He thinks he knows everything but really knows nothing at all.

Friends with Pj and Tyler, he’s the jokester of the group.

More Adult Roles

She makes the kids look forward to breakfast and lunch.  Miss Mary prepares each meal with love and babies each child. She understands this may be the only meal most of these kids eat and makes sure they get served up a side of love with their plate.

Older White Woman. The dean of students for Ellington Performing Arts Academy; whip smart with a keen sense of spotting talent.

Heavy-set White man with a mustache. On the committee for intake for Ellington Performing Arts Academy, Mrs. Simmons right hand man.

Instructions for Submission

Auditions are being held at 307 Division Avenue South in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Audition Location: 307 Division Avenue South
Shooting Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Email: bgbl.movie@gmail.com

To be considered to audition email bgbl.movie@gmail.com. Include your full name, phone number, age if a minor, current photos or headshots and any experience you have or an acting resume if you have one.

13 thoughts on ““Black Girls Be Like” Adult, Teen & Child Actors – Movie

  1. Name: Leilani Rodriguez
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    DOB: 10/01/2002
    Country: USA ( Illinois )
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair: long and light golden brown hair
    Eye color: honey brown
    Email: leilanithais@gmail.com
    Hi there !!! My name is Leilani but you can call me leily if you want😉 I would love to be part of your guys movie and play “Brittany” or “TT” I have so much in common with Brittany we’re both know it alls and love to have our hair done and the latest style in clothes but I also share a few similar traits as “TT” I love my friends to death and would do anything for them and uhhh who doesn’t love adventure’s ??? NOT I !!!😂 please contact me and thank you 🤗

  2. Name: Ashley Perkins🌟 Gender: female. Birth date:January 27 2003. State beautiful Tennessee. USA Race: African American. Age: 14⭐. Email: ashleyyupyup@gmail.com Hair: naturally curly 🌟 Hair: color dark brown. Long 🌟It will be wonderful if can play in this movie as TA’SHEENA. I have the same experiences that she has working hard to watching over my 9 month old niece. And at school its a little break kinda. I had a voice since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a singer but I was to shy to let my voice be heard. This is my chance to let my voice be heard. I have a gift to share to people. Im very nice sometimes I let people get to me. Then its nomore Miss nice guy. Don’t judge because im sweet I have a temper like everyone else. Im a great actor. If you will ever need me to practice I will practice all day and night till I get it right. If I can’t have TA’SHEENAS role. Im down for any other role. I can blend in any character. Thanks. Please Email me Ashleyyupyup@gmail.com.thanks🌟

  3. Name:Malaya Thompson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11
    State: Michigan
    Ethnicity:African American and Hispanic
    Eye Color: Hazel
    I Really don’t care which role I get all I care about is pursuing my dream that I have had since I was a little kid getting a role would mean the world to me.
    Email: malayathompson1008@gmail.com

  4. Name: Kenza
    Last name: Rabhioui
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Date of birth: March 2, 2003
    Colour hair: light brown
    Clour eyes: brown
    Country: Belgium
    Ethnicity: Moroccan
    E-mail: kenza.rabhii@outlook.be

    Hi, I’m kenza. I am fourtheen years old and i live in belgium.
    I speak four languages, Dutch, French, Arabic and English, but I can speak English quickly, but I think I have a Belgian accent, can you? I do not know but I will do everything to make sure that English will look like my native language

    I would like to play BRITANNY or TT. That would look very nice to me !!
    Not Ta’Sheena because I think I’m not so good at music and stuff like that. But for the two other roles I would like to play with pleasure.

    I like acting,let’s say I love doing something that I feel good about. Acting is very important to me to show what I can do. Watching, understanding and analyzing a film, I love it !! I just love all kinds of movies let’s say that;) When I was a child I had a lot of imagination … like being a prinsses (hahha) being a bos of a candy factory, becoming a singer or an actress to become. Every year there will always be a dream that I will not want to dream anymore. But acting, acting is always remains my number one greatest dream. People who know me ,know that I would like to be an actress, they ask me : to act will mean a hobby or a cariere for you. My answer to that is very simple, if people give me the chance to shine my hobby through the cameras to cinemas it will even bring a cariere. I hope that people will understand that acting is not equal to a bread crumb, acting is just so important to me so much that there are no words for existence. And now I hope to act behind a camera at least once in my life. I will be honest with you, I did not have any acting lessons and I never had acting in a theater. But with the help of watching movies I can easily motivate myself. When I find a movie incredible well-behaved, I go on youtube and watch the “behind the scenes” videos.

    And When I watch these videos, I realize how much I like acting because when I watch the “behind the scenes” videos, I focus the most on the acting of the actors. Because I think it’s just something very beautiful that other people can make happy. Generally when I look at the behind the scenes videos, I feel very good at all, watching these videos can help me understand, to understand how the actors prepare behind the scenes. There are many people who do not like horror movies or do not like adventures movies but I’m someone who likes all kinds of movies !! Really ,does not matter what, who or how to play something or someone, just that if I can act, makes me happy enough !!

    Acting is a craft, A profession, An art.
    It is something you have to work hard at,
    Not something you just naturally fall into by virtue of genes.
    Acting is something you must develop, keep working to improve and continually learn.

    Do you have questions or do you want to know more about me? Do not hesitate to contact me via my email: kenza.rabhii@outlook.be

  5. Name: Brianna Marie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Date of Birth: 10-07-2003
    Country: Texas
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hi I’m Brianna I would love to play the role TA’SHEENA cause I can relate to the character I love to sing but no one knows that I can I also take care of my younger ciblings when I read TA’SHEENA part I thought to myself I can play this role I can relate to the character when I started reading her part I found my self playing her role thank you for your time for more questions email me thank you
    Email: brianna123olguin@gmail.com

  6. Name: Olivia Papazian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 26-06-2001
    Country: Romania
    Height: 5’6
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Email: papazian_olivia@yahoo.com

    Hello, since I was a little girl I looked up to Acting very much, but only now I’m confident enough to actually do something to accomplish my dreams, in general I’m confident but as this would be a big step in life for me I doubted that I would actually get where I wanted. Everybody has dreams, everybody wants to be famous, but for me popularity isn’t what I’m looking for, I want to start my career as an actor because I find it very inspiring for people, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something from it, no, I’m sure you will. I am willing to do anything for the sake of achieving my dreams, I dedicated my life to that.I find myself in TT, that’s why I would love to play the role of her, I am confident enough that I will do an amazing job at it. Thank you for your time, you can contact me anytime at my email for any further questions.

  7. Name: Tiasia Russell
    Age : 15
    Email : Tiasiarussell96@gmail.com
    Country: United States
    Height : 5’3
    Ethnicity : Black (African American)
    Gender : Female
    Date of birth : 08/27/2001
    Hair color : brown
    Eye color : brown

    I would love to play the role of TA’sheena or Brittany acting is my dream!! any further questions feel Free to contact me .. anytime

  8. Name: Tiasia Russell
    Age : 15 almost 15
    Email : Tiasiarussell96@gmail.com
    Country: United States
    Height : 5’3
    Ethnicity : Black (African American)
    Gender : Female
    Date of birth : 08/27/2001
    Hair color : brown
    Eye color : brown

    i am 15 years old and will be very interested in playing TA’sheena or brittany acting is my dream & I would love for my dream to come true by playing in this movie .

  9. Name: Julia de Goffau
    Age: 13 almost 14
    Email: Juliadegoffau2003@gmail.com
    Country: Holland
    Height: 5’4
    Hello, I am Julia and from when I was young I loved to act en to sing. And when I saw this it sounds as a great oppertunity for my future! I would do anything for this!

  10. name – Sanjula Shanker
    age – 14 years old
    email – sanjulashanker28@gmail.com
    country – India
    height – 5’4
    DOB – 28th february , 2003
    hey ! i am sanjula .. i am 14 years old and totally intrested to play ta’sheena or brittany because i have a theatre background and i am totally versatile , and there are a few similarities between brittany and me ….so for further information , feel free to contact me !

  11. Name Allison walker
    Birthday August 22 2003
    Email allisonwalker.stu@joplinschools.org
    Country joplin mo
    Ethnicity cocasion
    Gender female
    Hair blonde
    Eyes blue
    Height 5’4
    I have loved acting all my life I am 13 almost 14 I thought I would be perfect for the roll of TT or TA”sheena I hope u email me and I get the roll.

  12. Name: Linda Gulbe
    Birthday: february 22nd, 2002
    Email: lingu258@gmail.com
    Country: Latvia (East Europe)
    Ethinicity: white
    Gender: female
    Hair: Brown, dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 165 cm

    I’m 15. I’m from small country Latvia (Baltic states) which is next to Russia. I know i am far away from USA, but i love movies,i love TV Shows, i love actors and actreses. Since i was little, i’ve always played with myself – thinking that i’m some kind of celebrity in USA and playing a bunch of movies. I never thought why i did that, until i had to think what i want to be in the future. Then i got it. I love to act and i wish i could be an actress. Why i actually want to be an actress? – because i want to inspire other Kids and People. I’m not very good at math or anything like that, so my only chance is to acting. I don’t want to do it because of the money. But because i know there are a lots of Kids Who are not so smart in school and they don’t know what to do in their lifes. So, i want to Show them that i have the same story and that they have another chance. I have to start this acting at some point, if i’ll just sit at home and Will tell everyone that i want to be an actress, nothing is going to happen.
    Long story short – help me. USA needs a lot of New actors. Give a chance to a Kids Who are from such a small country’s. I am Linda Gulbe and i want to be an actress in USA and UK and international. I would love to take any role in this movie.

  13. Name: Aaliyah Bien-Aime
    Birthday: December 1st, 2003
    Email: lilibienaime07@gmail.com
    Country: Canada
    City: Ottawa
    Ethnicity: Mixed (Haitian & white)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Outgoing, Quick Learner, Very Social
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown-Black, Goes to shoulders. (I’m black so, hairs short. Ha, ha)
    Height: 5″8

    I’m 13 years of age but I could definitely take a role as a 14-16 year old. I’m an aspired actress and acting is my dream. I’d be so willing to play the role of (TA’SHEENA/FEMALE/AGE 14-21), so please, please, please, please, please reply to me! 🙂

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