AMC “On Becoming God in Central Florida”

AMC On Becoming God in Central Florida
TV Show Casting Call – New Orleans, LA

Do you want to be on an AMC TV show? If you love the network who brought us “The Walking Dead”, you don’t want to miss out on being a part of their new series! “On Becoming God” is looking for models and actors. Submissions are being accepted from men and women ages 18 and older of all ethnicities. Casting directors are in need of extras to portray a congregation as well as a Bell choir. The church scene is looking for Hispanic and Latino looking males and females ages 18 and older.

In addition they are seeking people of all ethnicities to play people in a bell choir. For this role all applicants must have real experience in bell ringing. Because the show is set in the early 90’s, you must be able to look the part. This means you can have any modern looks like hair styles, facial hair or piercings. The pay is $90.00 for a ten hour shoot. It is shooting in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 15th. View the 2018 AMC casting call below for instructions on how to apply.

About the Show

The film follows Krystal Gill, a minimum-wage-earning water park employee who will eventually scheme her way up the ranks of Founders American Merchandise: the cultish, flag waving, multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme that drove her family to ruin. [IMDB]

Key Details

Shoot Location: New Orleans, LA

Shoot Date: 11/15/2018

Pay Rate: $90/10

Roles & Requirements

CONGREGATION: Currently taking submissions for men and women (18+) who appear to be Hispanic/Latinx to portray a congregation in a church scene.

BELL CHOIR: Currently casting a group of people (18+, any ethnicity) to work with non-verbal interaction with a principal actor. You MUST have experience in a bell ringing choir with your own bells! TBD specialty rate!

** This series is set in the early 1990s: modern looks (modern hair, modern facial hair, and modern piercings) will NOT be considered! Clean-shaven, mustaches, and beards OKAY. No goatees! **
On Becoming a God in Central Florida or OBAG Filming in Greater New Orleans, LA – Thursday, November 15th ***

Instructions for Submission

If you are AVAILABLE FOR THE WORK DATE, please email the following to :
• CURRENT photo(s) of yourself
• Phone number
• Height, weight, and measurements
• Notate your specific category in the subject line!

1). You should be the only ones in the photo.
2). Please face the camera.
3). Only clear and well-lit photos will be considered.
4). Absolutely NO filters!

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