Actors & Singers for The Wiz – Theatre

Actors & Singers for The Wiz - Theatre
Theatre Casting Call for Actors

Do you want to be in a theatre production? Does the thought of performing live on stage get you excited? Join the BRG Mainstage for a timeless family classic “The Wiz”. This is a joyous production that is filled with dynamic character actors that will bring the wonder and amazement of the “The Wiz” to the BRG stage. An open casting call is being held on Saturday, October 21st from 11:00am to 3:00pm. The show will run for three consecutive weekends between December 1st and December 17th. While this is not a paid acting job, it is a wonderful way to gain experience, exposure and perform live on stage. Check out the 2017 musical theatre casting call below!

About the Company

As a social agency, BRG’s creative drama centered programming is designed to address community issues, especially those facing our children, youth, and young adults. These programs provide an opportunity to develop confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness in our participants. Our focus is on providing the direction and educational structures needed to enhance participant skills and a venue that affords new talent to be showcased and critiqued by local critics and peers.

We are equally committed to bringing leadership and commitment to the training of our community. Young people and the youth workshops have always been at the heart of the Theater’s mission. Black Repertory Group offers a variety of community outreach programs designed to introduce, educate, mentor and elevate a young person’s skills in the arts. The BRG speaks to local high schools and provides on-the-job training and internships to local youth interested in Theater Arts.

Key Details

Shoot Location: Berkeley, CA

Audition Dates: 10/21/17

Paid: No

Roles & Requirements

Currently casting: singers, dancers, comedians, models and musicians.

Dorothy – Principal Role. Female. Strong singing voice. Dorothy’s character starts out very timid and
withdrawn. She discovers her strength and courage along her adventure. Dorothy is the main protagonist of the
plot. Singing and dancing are required for this role.

Scarecrow – Principal Role. Male. Character actor with a strong singing voice. The Scarecrow is a shy character,
that does not think very highly of himself. He lacks his self-confidence. He spends most days tormented by the
Crows. Singing and dancing are required for this role.

Tin Man – Principal Role. Male. Character actor with a strong singing voice. The Tin Man is an exuberant
character that has been stuck still too long. He thoroughly enjoys being able to move. Singing and dancing are
required for this role.

Cowardly Lion. – Principal Role. Male. Fleetwood Coupe de Ville. The king of the jungle with no courage.
Fleetwood is a boastful character until his fear kicks in and he scatters like a kitten. A character actor with a
strong singing voice. Singing and dancing are required for this role.

The Wiz – Principal Role. Male. Herman Smith. The head man in charge of Em City. He speaks with a big tone
and his reputation speaks for itself. A lost in “Oz” Politician who thinks he can say whatever he wants and get
away with it.

Aunt Em – Principal Role. Female. Dorothy’s Aunt. The family matriarch. She is hosting holiday dinner for their
large family. Singing is required for this role.

A lot more roles are available – to see all available roles visit

Instructions for Submission

Auditions will be held October 21, 2017 at the Black Repertory Group Theater.
Located at 3201 Adeline Street in Berkeley, CA 94703. The theater is accessible by public transportation and located one block south of the Ashby BART Station.

Open Call Auditions will be held on:
Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Auditions by appointment are available on weekdays.
For more information on how to schedule an audition please email or call (510) 652-2120.

For production notes, character descriptions, or to schecule an audition or to submit your resume and picture,

Please visit

Singing and dancing are required for most roles.

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