Words on Bathroom Walls – Teen Acting

Words on Bathroom Walls - Teen Acting
Movie Casting Call – Wilmington, NC

Are you a teenage model or actor? Would you like to be in a movie? There is a new feature film looking for you! Words on the Bathroom Wall is looking teen boys and girls for core roles! This means the same talent will be used for several days. The movie is starring AnnaSophia Robb and Charlie Plummer. Filming is taking place in Wilmington, North Carolina. It will shoot between May 7th and June 1st. Extras will be paid $64.00 for 8 hours while those chosen to be featured will receive $125.00! Anyone interested in playing a high school student in the project can view the teen acting audition information below!

About the Movie

The film is about Adam, a high schooler living with paranoid schizophrenia and battling wild hallucinations. Luckily, an experimental drug trial promises to help hide his illness from his peers and most importantly from Maya, the girl of his dreams. [Deadline]

Key Details

Shoot Location: Wilmington, NC

Shoot Date: 5/7/18 – 6-1/18

Pay Rate: $64/8

Roles & Requirements

High School & College Students Needed
The following roles need to be submitted to the director ASAP. This is for our “core” group of students that will play several days throughout filming with our lead actor. Pay rate is 64/8 and some may be featured rate 125/10 (if selected by director).

These photos will be reviewed by the director so please send either headshots, school photos or nice photos that are clear & show your face completely (do not wear sunglasses or have filters on photos)

High School Core Senior Guys: You can be any age 15 & up as long as you look like a high school Senior.

High School Core Senior Girls: You can be any age 15 & up as long as you look like a high school Senior.

We will be filming May 7 – June 1 but you will be needed 5 to 6 days during that time. If you have certain days you cannot work during that time frame please list in the email under schedule conflicts.

Instructions for Submission

To be considered please submit 2 current photographs along with the following information to wobwextras@gmail.com
Make subject line Core Senior.
Full Name:
Pant Size:
Shirt Size:
Shoe Size:
Location You Live:
Phone Number:
Any Schedule Conflicts:

7 thoughts on “Words on Bathroom Walls – Teen Acting

  1. Age: 15
    Height: 5'6.5"
    Weight: 120-125
    Pant Size: 5
    Shirt Size: Adult S-M
    Shoe Size: 9-10
    Location You Live: Brunswick, Ohio
    Phone Number: 330-441-0339
    Any Schedule Conflicts: I am open Wednesdays, Fridays, every other weekend

  2. Dear the creators of "Words on Bathroom Walls",
    I would like to ask that if we were to email you when is it expected that we will find out if we made it or not.

  3. My name is Ashleigh Todd, I am 14 turning 15 in three weeks, I am 5.8 – 6.3 in height, I weigh about 45kg (last time I checked). My pant size is 10, my shirt size is 10 and my shoe size is 8 1/2 (US). I live in Brisbane, Australia. My phone number is. I am Aa High School student in grade 9 and currently don't work.

  4. my name is maire daly i am 13 years old i am 5'9 i am 67 kg. pants size 8 uk shirt 8 uk 8-9uk .I live outside dublin in ireland . i have been in many lead roles Eg. malificent cinderella . i do speach and drama i am currently doing grade 6. i love acting and being different roles

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