“The Huntress” – Short Film

“The Huntress” - Short FilmThere is a movie casting call for the upcoming project “The Huntress”. Auditions and filming will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “The Huntress” is an assassin who fights to rescue her daughter from their archenemy. Shooting will be Saturday, February, 18th through Monday, February 20th. Casting directors are looking for a male who is ages 50 to 60 years old to portray a furious criminal. They are searching for actors who are local to Boston, Cambridge, Providence and Worcester.  Landing a speaking role in a movie will help build your resume, your acting reel and give you the valuable experience you need to further your career.

About the Movie

Synopsis: The short action film “The Huntress” is about the mistakes you make eventually catching up to you, just as Assassin Eva’s archenemy Rafe has caught up with her. Eva comes home, discovers that Rafe has kidnapped her daughter, and sets out to take back her kid, and kill Rafe.

Key Details

Audition Date and Location*: Saturday, January 28, 2017,

Shoot Location: Cambridge MA.

*Please note, audition location is NOT wheelchair accessible.

Shooting Days: Saturday through Monday, February 18-20, 2017

Roles & Requirements

Rafe (50-60, male, furious criminal, well-dressed)
Long ago, assassin Eva murdered Rafe’s son Oliver, and stole Rafe’s granddaughter. For twelve years, Rafe has been trying to find and kill Eva, and repossess his young heir. Tonight, Rafe takes his revenge… if Eva doesn’t kill him first.

Union: Non-Union
Area of Media: (2.39:1 2K) Short Film
Cities for response: Worcester, Boston, Providence
Production Company: Porta Coeli Productions
Producers / Casting: Mel DuPont, Angel Martinez
Director: Mel DuPont
Shooting Location: Worcester
Script Availability: Email

Instructions for Submission

To apply for an audition email mgdupont@gmail.com. You should include your full name, contact information, recent headshot and your resume.

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