‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'
Mockingjay: Part 1

Shooting on the first part of the conclusion to one of the most successful film franchises in cinema history is just around the corner and the exciting audition announcements are finally here!

Casting for several incredible roles in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ will be beginning soon and actors of all ages looking to score a role in what will be one of the most watched movies of all time can submit themselves today.

Apply today for your shot at a role in the movie that will have the whole world talking.


The thrilling conclusion to Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel series finds our heroine Katniss Everdeen (played by the magnificent, and newly Oscar minted Jennifer Lawrence) rescued by the rebellion forces of District 13. The people of the district soon convince her to become “the Mockingjay”, a symbol of uprising against the tyranny of the Capitol, and to lead a daring battle against the oppressive forces and deliver the people of every district to freedom once and for all time. Joining the beloved lead trio of  Ms. Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook, Winter’s Bone, Like Crazy),  Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia, The Kids Are All Right, Red Dawn) and Liam Hemsworth (The Last Song, The Expendables 2, Paranoia) in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ will be the one-two punch of acting heavyweights Julianne Moore (a 4 time Academy Award Nominee and star of such films as Magnolia, Don Jon and Crazy, Stupid, Love.) and Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote, Mission: Impossible III, The Big Lebowski). This amazingly gifted cast will be guided by the visionary direction of Francis Lawrence, whose past hits include ‘I Am Legend’ starring Will Smith, Constantine featuring Keanu Reeves and Water For Elephants starring Robert Pattinson. Hollywood’s most outstanding talent is coming together for the final chapter of ‘The Hunger Games’ and you could be joining them. (‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ on IMDb)


Auditions for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ will be taking place shortly for actors of all ages, experience levels and looks and interested performers can submit themselves today. To apply for consideration you can send emails here CLCTrilogy@gmail.com or head here https://www.facebook.com/CatrettLockeCasting to stay up to date on upcoming casting calls. More updates will be posted here throughout shooting so stay tuned and speak your mind below and tell us why you want to audition for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’.

692 thoughts on “‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’

  1. hi my name is Mary i love mocking jay it probably my favorite movie ever! am 13 years old and 5’5 with blue eyes and light brown hair.i just love the movies and i like act!

  2. Hi, my name is Brenna, I’m 11yrs old, and live in Longview Washington. I really love the hunger games. And now knowing that I have a chance to be included in the movie’s is awesome! I’ve read each book multiple times . I have an acting experience, I’ve been in three different plays and my mom says I’m overly dramatic so that must count as something. Also I act do archery, I have my own bow and shoot it all the time. I guess I’m good at it. So please contact me that would be fabulous so thank you so much!

    Sincerely ,
    Brenna Fraser

  3. Yo, I am Kaitlin. Even though part has already aired, I am curious about the role of Delly. Is it filled? Is she even going to be in Part 2? Because she should be. I am willing to play that role, but more importantly she should be in it. I am around 5’6″ and 15 years old.

  4. Hi I’m Anna and I love acting. I’m 11 years old and I’m turning 12 soon. I am a huge fan of the hunger games and I’ve read all the books. I also have all the movies so far too. I have no experience acting before, but I LOVE to act and am planning on auditioning for the school play later this year.
    Height: 4.10
    Weight: 73.8
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Ex: I play softball and I dance, and I’m ok with a bow and arrow.
    I am a straight a student
    Pls read this comment and if you’red considering me for any part please call

  5. Hello my name is Melvin. I’m 5’9″ 17 yrs. old African American and weigh 210. I love the hunger games series . I took 3 years of theater class in high school. I have don 15 plays since 10 years old. I’m willing to cut my hair .I’m very dedicated to theater and would love a chance to get in this wonderful series. I really want to do this cause I missed auditions for the first movie even though part of it was filmed five from my house in DuPont forest. I don’t want to miss it again. I await your reply

  6. Hello, I am Bradyn Parmelly and I am in love with The Hunger Games. I have read all the books and seen both of the movies, fantastic work! I am 12, red hair, freckled face, and I live near Dallas, TX. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence, I have had a huge crush on her since X-Men First Class as her part of Mystique. I finished Mockingjay a few months ago and I have continued to re-read them over and over again as entertainment since it is my favorite book series so far. Here is some of my information:
    Height: 5’1
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Red
    Full Name: Bradyn Luke Parmelly
    Age: 12
    Experience: 4 plays, and 1 musical theater play as well

  7. Hi, I am Samantha. I am a 14 year old looking for a chance to share my passion with others. I am from Chicago, IL. I am willing to do almost anything for you to give me a chance. I may not be the brightest kid in school but the stage is one place where I can express myself. I love to create my own characters, I have a very wild imagination. I hope you consider me for a role. please email me back! Thank you,
    Samantha Jean Schlaiss

  8. I am very late to this audition thing because the mockingjay movie has already been made. Will there be a Mockingjay part 2? Maybe then i would be able to audition. I am not on any social media, sad or boring someone would say but its by choice. I will continue to check here to know the updates.

  9. hi! my name is Ruhshana i’m 13 years old.
    eyes: golden brown
    hair: wavy Brown hair
    weight: 95
    i would love to play any role in the hunger games mockingjay.

  10. I’m 14 years old I love everything about movies I’ve done a little bit if acting back when I lived in east Texas I also have a love for archery I’m a very fast learner I’m kind caring respectful of my elders I work well with others I’m a very kind hearted kid I can get a job done no matter what so if you need someone like me then I can do what you need me to

  11. Hello,
    My Name is Christopher Lawson, and I am a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games Series. I am 16, and I’m trying to start my acting career. I have been told by friends and family that I would be a great actor, because I could convince a fish to walk, so to speak, and I can almost always cry on cue. It has always been a dream of mine to become an actor, or even at this point, an extra. I live in North-East Georgia, and would absolutely love for someone to get back to me on this.

  12. Hi! My name is Maristela Valenzuela. My nickname is Aila.

    Age: 14 (15 in Nov. 7)
    Ethnicity: Filipino, Spanish, Chinese
    Color of skin: White tone
    Eye color: Dark brown.

    I can do acting. Any role can fit or be katniss’s daughter. I do modeling when I as young. I can sing and draw. I love the hunger games. I am a fan of the books, cast, and the movie. I really appreciate it if I got in the movie. I really wanted.

    Please email me. I will gladly accept any role one just Katniss Daughter. Thanks.

  13. Hi,
    My name is Cody Perella. I live in Dallas, Texas, and have had a year and half of acting experience at The Young Actors Studio. I am 19 years old. I have dirty,blonde hair. I am 5′ 10″ with hazel green/blue eyes. I’m currently in college and have dreamed to get a shot at acting in a film. I would love to hear back from you. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Cody Perella

  14. Hi my name is Jaynna Valdez and I would love love love to play a part in Hunger Games:Mockingjay. It’s my dream to be an actress. I am trying so hard to find auditions to be a actress and this audition I’m very interested in. I love to sing out of 1 to 10 it would probably be a 7 or a 8. I do Gymnastics as a sport . I’m in 7th grade in school I’m pretty popular. I’m very outgoing and brave . I have a mom and dad a older sister and a younger brother I’m the middle child. I have a very humongous family. I was in a drama class for two years. I’ve been in plays for churches. I’m a fan of Hunger Games I’ve watched both the first one and the second one. Also it would mean a lot to me if I were in Mockingjay. I would love to know more information about the audition.

    Birthday:April 16th 2002
    Hair length/color: Long and Brown
    Eye color:Brown

    P.S. I would love to meet Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutchinson. I also love animals and I’m very energetic. I have asthma but I for sure it won’t effect my acting. Please give me a call or text. Email me please for my number Thank you!!!

  15. Hi! My name is Maddy, and I would love to be in Mockingjay! I don’t care if I get put in Mockingjay part 1 or 2. I would LOVE to meet Jenifer Lawrence and Willow Shields and all of the cast!!! Here are some things you should know about me: I am a girl, I am 14 years old, I have blonde shoulder length hair, I am kind of small for my age, people think I’m 12 instead of 14…and I LOVE ACTING!!!!! I also play the piano. Please consider putting me in my favorite series. It would be a dream come true!!! Thanks!

  16. hi my name is joscelyn seiler!my dream is to be a actor.i am 10 1/2(will be 11 in 2 months).i have dark brown hair.brown eyes,white skin. 🙂 -me!

  17. Hi my name is Annabel Courtney, I am 12 years old and born on the 13/12/01 and would love any part in the movie. I have never done acting but am not afraid of public speaking or performing as I have done testimonies and dances. I hope you will consider me in your movie as I know only a select few can be in the movie. I have seen all of the other hunger game and have longed to be in one and this is my chance to shine. I will not be picking in what I get, if a get a roll. Please Reply back. thanks for your time.

    Thanks annabel
    Height: 159
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair Colour: Blonde wavy

  18. Hi my name is Annabel Courtney. I have had no acting experience but would love to do acting. I have danced and done a testimony in front of people and i am not scared of public speaking. I have seen all of the other Hunger Games and fell in love with them, so I would love to be in the Mocking Jay.

    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Eye colour: Blue
    Height: 159
    If you could give me any info that would be great

  19. Hi I’m Sadie Schoell
    I am ten years old
    I love acting, singing, dancing and modeling
    The hunger games I love I’ve seen the first and second at the cinema
    I always do little plays with my friends and stuff


    I have blonde hair
    Hazel eyes
    I’m 125 cm tall

    I hope you like my post and please contact back

    From Sadie

  20. Hi, my name is Cory King. I have never acted a day in my life except for when I use to act out when I was a child, however, the arts is where I belong. I don’t know if this is how to apply, but apparently the other 200 people on here seem to already know. Not sure what you are looking for. To best describe my look, I am Donnie Wahlberg without the abs. Here is my info:

    Cory King
    Age: 32
    Height: 5’11”

    I am from Kitchener, Ontario. If you have any questions, please email me. Thanks for your time. Don’t really know what else to tell you. My intention of going online was to look for something for my 2 year old daughter Zelda King, so if you have something for a 2 year old, that would be great.

  21. Hi:
    My name is Milcah Bukasa. I love the art of acting so much. What I want as a carrier is being an actress. I am willing to start whenever. I love the Hunger Games series I have read all the books and familiar with the characters. It is my favourite movie series. Please consider me to take any female role in this movie. I live in Calgary, Alberta but was born in Toronto Ontario. I can speak English and French fluently.
    Height: 5’11
    Age: 14 turning 15
    Born: March 7th 2000
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Deepest brunette
    Ethnicity: African American
    Skin: Golden brown
    Frame: Tall, Slim, Athletic

  22. Hi, my name is Darlene Mercedes. I am 14 years old. I would love to be in the movie of mockingjay part 1 because I’m a great actor and I seen hunger games and catching fire. I live in Raleigh, NC. I hope I get this part, it’s my wish

  23. My name is Justice Sweeney and I want to audition for Mockingjay- part 1 because i think that it will let me be me I’m 12 years old and i love to sing,dance, play music and act . My favorite move the hunger games and to audition for it will be great thank you and bye.

  24. I’d like to have a role in Hunger Games Mocking Jay Pt. 2, I hope we can arrange something or talk to my agent in finding a solution to where I can be a part of your upcoming films. Please feel free to contact me, I hope to hear from you. Thank You for your time and consideration.

  25. Hi I’m jennifer, but to most I go by Jenny. I am interested in doing this audition to hopefully get a nice part. I am experienced in acting on stage, I have appeared in 10 plays as lead roles. Most parts I play are aggressive, bubbly, and dramatic. I can also play monotone but it is difficult because of my personality. I hope to be a face on tv one day, so I’m content to be my best. Consider me!!!!!!!

    Next year I wish to attend Thomas dale preforming arts and this opportunity could really get me ahead of the game.


  26. Hi , im azhar i really love the hunger games , every detail is perfect , its so unic. It would be a dream to be a extra.
    Every day i think about it and god if i had the chance of being part of that movie…

  27. So I have never been in a movie before and I LOVE the mocking jay book and the catching fire one and the first one the hunger games book! I am a swimmer I am on a swim team and I love doing things that are athletic! In the Hunger Games there’s a lot of running around and jumping and a lot of things I would love to do someday! I am 12 years old and I live in Delmar, NY! I would love to get a part in the movie! It would be my DREAM to do that! I am a huge fan of Jeniffer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson! They are both AMAZING actors! I hope you could give me a chance!

  28. i want to be in this movie becuase i always wanted to be an actor and i think this woul be a good start i am 10 yaers old boren 2003 Sept 21 hope fully you guys can give me a chance cause i have aplied so much but no one has answered but thank you

  29. Hi. My name is Aurelie and I’ve been in 2 school musicals and been a stage manager for 1.They were large roles (the queen of hearts and a harvey girl).hair-brown and wavy eyes-dark brown skin-olive height-I don’t know for sure but it’s more than 4 feet yet less than 5 age-11 grade-6 birthday-january 9 2003 I know that a school performance isn’t a big deal but mine was a private school that went out of its way.They wrote the scripts,printed out tickets,got a brick at the marion cultural and civic center,and did coreography.I recently moved to tennessee which means I now go to a public school that doesn’t have plays or musicals (I don’t know about drama club though) and I’m bored.I really want to act! If you want more information you might be able to ask the principal at Skyline Academy. And I would have to work things out with my grandma who has custody of me.

  30. hi my name is Atiba Jacobs. i love the hunger games series and have been trying to get into the movies. i want to show the world that i am somebody contrary to peoples beliefs. i am ready to show them that i rose abovet he challenges. acting is how i coped with things so this will be a perfect release. here are my credentials:
    Hairspray- 2014 “Seaweed” American preparatory academy TAS and Draper 1
    Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat- 2013 “Judah” TAS
    The merchant of venice- Shakespeare festival 2013 “Antonio”, 2012 Romeo and juliet-Mercutio, and last but not least
    Shrek the musical- “Donkey” 2014 Taylrosville arts council.
    Age- 18(will turn 19 on september 26th)
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Height: 6′ 2″
    Hair- Black
    Race(ethnicity)-African American
    Eyes- dark brown
    Dialects- English
    thank you for your time and consideration.
    please email
    _Atiba Jacobs

  31. Hey, I’m Charlotte from England. I would really love to be in these movies. My dream is to be an actress and to travel to the United States of America and meet some of the amazing actors/actresses that are in these movies.
    eye: light blue
    hair; medium, blonde
    height: 166cm
    gender: female
    As well as being a regional basketball player and hopefully England one day, I will be committed to it as my dreams are almost complete but with your help they would be. I could play in part 2 if I don’t make it in part 1. Even a small part would be amazing thank you.

  32. Hi my name is Heaven Wallace I am 11 years old and live in phoenix,AZ I love the hungergames and have read the whole series twice I have never done tv acting before but I am inn the sixth grade drama club. beingin a movie like this would be a dream come true.

    If considered email me! thank you.


    once again consider it thank you

  33. Hi, my name is Mirna say it like (Merna) anyway i am 15 born 1999 i live in AZ i have green eyes and short brown hair in 10th grade i am in theater i did some little stage acting and made a movie in our theater club. i would love to be apart of Mockingjay as a extra or one line 🙂 i would love a chance to audition for you so if you could get back to me i would appreciate it.

  34. Hello,
    My name is Isaiah Thomas. I am 16 years old and expressing my dream to work as an experienced actor in a big time movie. I’ve been taking drama for two years now and I’ve done very well in it. I reside in Chino, CA as of right now but will be moving closer to Hollywood soon. I am a very outgoing person who knows how to communicate well with other individuals. I take great responsibility in my acting and show a lot of heart and emotion for my roles. I will be willing to do anything to get a part and for you to take the time to read this. It will be a fine honor to whom is reading this to work with on this film. If you scroll down below , I have typed all my features.

    Height : 6’1
    Eye color : Hazel
    Race : Hispanic
    Hair Color : Dark brown
    Athletic : Yes , Played baseball , football , basketball , soccer , and boxing
    Long Arms and Legs : Yes

    If you have any questions or if there is any other information I need to know about the casting auditions , please take the time to email me . Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely ,
    Isaiah Thomas

  35. Hello my name is Kaleia Caston and I am 12 years old. I think I would be a great person to cast in this movie. I have been in many school plays and I was in chorus. I have been trying to be in the movie for a while now but everything I’ve found is a scam. But I want to be in the movie to be able to have a chance for people to see what I love to do and how good I aa at it

  36. Hello there, I’m Maddie Russell and i am 15 years old! I have really wanted to be in a movie. I live in overland park Kansas and would be willing to travel anywhere for this. I have seen the hunger games and read the books! I can cry easily and I’m really nice, sweet, funny and love to get to know other people! I would love to be in this movie thanks again

  37. Name: Zach Jones
    Age: 14
    DOB: 09/25/99
    Ethnicity: Mixed (White/African)
    Height: About 5’10”
    Skin tone: Mulatto
    Hair: Short, black, curly
    Eyes- Brown
    Body Type: Slim, Moderately athletic build
    Experience: 3 School Plays/ Musicals (2 previous lead roles)
    Location: New York

    Please consider me as an option and thank you for your time and efforts. It is much appreciated.

  38. Hi,
    My name is Marvin Campbell and i would like to be a part in Mockingjay. I’ve took part in a couple plays, and took a drama class in 5+6th grade, also i know how to show real emotions, (Ex: Crying, Anger, Pain, Terrified). I would like to have this part because I’ve watched The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire, at least 100 times, and read the books at least 7, 8 times. I live in Pinellas Park, FL. But was born in Memphis, TN. I lived there about 4 months after I was born and then moved to Hermistion, OR. I have a very good attitude and have good grades in school.

    Age: 12 (born in 2002)
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: White
    Height: Around 5’2-5’3
    Body type: Skinny
    Hair color: Original color was Dirty Blonde, then changed to Brown.
    Eye color: Hazel, (my eye color changes color.)

    If there is any information you can give me regarding auditions in the FL area and who I can contact to submit for this, please email me! Thank you

  39. Hi, my name is Jessica Lauren Cuellar. I am 16 years old and I was born January 21st, 1998 in Cuba. I actually live in Florida but I am willing to travel to any place for get my dream to become a successful actress. I have long blond-red hair and brown eyes. I am 5’4 and I weigh 130 pounds. I am bilingual, I speak Spanish and English. I have experience with the “cameras and the lights”. Since I was six years old I’ve been acting in television. When I was 13 I have my own section in a local show in my hometown San Jose de las Lajas, Havana. Since I was five I always dream to become a great actress but is hard when you live in a small island in the Caribean Sea. My mother and I came to America searching our American dream. The Hunger Games is the biggest franchise for teenager like me, I have read every book, and watched every movie, and work with actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth would be unforgettable.
    Please please email me!!!

  40. Hello! My name is Bridget Ann Gile. I live in a small town in Lincoln Missouri. I have brown hair that goes down into the middle of my back and brown eyes. I am twelve right now but will turn thirteen on September 25th. I have braces as well but I will get them off on August 4th. I am about 5 3 and I wear a size 10 shoe. I can ride horses and I can shoot a gun as well as a bow. Don’t worry I am not dangerous whatsoever. In school a do discus in track and I play the Alto sax in band. In my school we don’t do any drama. I go to a private school in a small town close to Lincoln called Cole Camp. So I have little experience but I do know how to do acting. I am in the Explorers 4-H club and my projects include: theatre arts, dogs, horses, and self-determined. I have just been chosen to be the Benton County Fair Princess. My friend talked me into it. Well I hope you choose me I think you will be pleased by your decision. Good day!
    Also I am writing and directing a movie and our budget is really low. If you would like to offer us grants or something I would greatly appreciate it.

  41. hey my name is Ella Pave ( my real name is Markella ) and I’m from Greece , I live in Greece and I would like to know if there is any chance for me to become an actress , I love the movie as much as I love the books and I would love to take part on this amazing movie I’m hardworking and I don’t give up easily ! this is not my first shot i know is hard but i don’t care .
    AGE: 15 years old
    HAIR: short blonde/ brown
    EYES: big green/grey
    Height: tall/normal
    Weight: normal
    thank you 🙂

  42. Hello my name is Alexandria Macqueen and I am 19 years old and i live in Australia. I love the Hunger Game series and have a strong passion for Archery and Trampolining.
    I have always wanted to be an actress but its not as easy as i live on the other side of the world.
    I would love to get a chance to audition for the film.
    i am easy to get along with, love to have a laugh and willing to work hard to my ability

    Thank you for your time.

  43. Hi my name is Soffia and I’d love to be a part of Mockingjay.

    Age: 15 (born in 1999)
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Icelandic
    Height: Around 5’5 and 5’6
    Body type: Skinny
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eye color: Blue

    Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

  44. Hi my names Christin I love hunger games I read all the books and watched the two movies that are out. I play lots of sports so I can run pretty fast. I’m 11 years of age and I love to act I’ve dreamed of being an actress since I was about 5 years old. I really would like to start my career here in the hunger games. I live in Alaska but I can travel. I have red hair blue eyes and freckles. I’m about 5 foot and weigh 96 pounds. My skin color is white.

    I would love to be a part of this awesome movie. I would like to thank you for your consideration in reading my message so thank you. Email me if you decide anything. I will constantly be checking me emails.

  45. Hi my name is Christin I’m eleven years of age and I love your movies. I would really appreciate it if I got in. I live in Alaska and all my spare time goes to short films with my friends. I joined drama class to improve in my acting skills. I’m a female I have blue eyes red hair and I’m about 5 foot I weigh 96 pounds and I’m a Caucasian. I would love to be in one of your parts. Thank you for reading this message.

  46. Hi my name is Ravi i’m a 16 year old boy and an aspiring actor to work with amazing actors such as jennifer lawrence would make my dream come true. Starring in this movie would be an amazing experience for me. I can do many accents and I am studying drama as a subject in school. Acting is my passion and i love the hunger games franchise. I have:

    black hair
    brown eyes
    skin tone: white
    ethnicity: Asian
    Skills: Outspoken, studying drama, acted in school plays, can speak french.

    I hope I can join the amazing cast of the Hunger Games!

  47. Hi my name is michelle Renee pacheco. I live in aurora Illinois. I am currently 11 until this December. I have dark brown hair with gold and red mixed in it. I have dark brown eyes. I am 5’2. I am obsessed with the hunger games. And it would be wonderful to be in the movie. Not to be famous, but to start my career. Im also a gymnast so I would be good for stunts and moving around. I want a part so bad that when im at home I pretend im in the games and start speaking “lines” that I would think are in it. I really would fit perfectly into my part because of the things I told you and because I catch on fast. Also when my mom braids my hair in different styles it looks like I was ment for the hunger games. I have that mysterious and funny side of me like Jennifer lawrence as katniss. But im really nice like peeta. And I have a little bit of finnick in me as the smart side. If your interested please email me.

  48. Hello,
    My name is Ella Nicholas, I am 12 years and I come from Australia. I am 160 cm tall and I have light golden,brown hair, tan skin and olive-greenish eyes. I am fit and I love running and any type of physical activity.My structure is quite toned and has a sporty figure, and generally quite lean as well. I am deeply in love with The Hunger Games series and it would be an amazing opputunity to act in it. I love acting and especially love working with camera. I have read all the books and have watched both of the movies and I am in love with them. I am quite confident and don’t mind putting myself out there.

    It would be an amazing opportunity for me to place in Hunger Games has literally been hands-down my favourite film/book I have ever seen, it would be an honor to be in it and it would literally be a dream come true!

  49. Hello!
    My name is Hannah Robertson. I’m a former Colorado Native and am interested in starting my acting career very soon. I’m very good with listening and direction. I am still in school but I am willing to do anything it takes to make this movie come to life. I have been a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games series for quite some time now and it would absolutely be the best thing to start my acting career. The movies are absolutely perfect and breathtaking in every way possible. I have been in a few plays, and will be auditioning for a lot more in school. Thank you so much! Keep me in mind if you need extras! I will constantly be checking my emails as well!

    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’9″
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    From: Colorado
    Body Type: Tall; skinny; athletic
    Nationality: American

  50. Hey, my name is kimberlyn Pickens. I am 13 yrs old and work for Carolina Talent agency. If there is any upcoming events or anything you would like me to do, please contact me on my email. I am 5”6, and weigh 110 lb. my bust is 33 and waist is 36. I am used to traveling to far places, so if there is a job offer somewhere other than NC I will have no problem traveling. Please get back to me soon…
    -Kimberlyn Pickens

  51. Hi!:D My name is Araceli Ochoa. I’m 13 years old. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actor. This would mean so much to me. I love the hunger games. Especially catching fire. I love how colorful and creative it was. If I would be in mocking jay it would be a dream come true. I hope you are interested in having me. Thank you for your time.

  52. I am 5’6
    Weigh 140
    Age 14
    I live in carrolton ohio
    The reason I want to be in mocking jay part 1 is because I love the hunger games series I’ve read all the books a million times so please pick me for a major role please

  53. Hi,
    My name is Taya Stanley I am 5 foot 2, I have green eyes, I’m 11, and I love to act! I have read all the books in The Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve seen the first two movies that came out for the first two books in The Hunger Games trilogy. Since I was little I have always dreamed of being an actress. I can fall and I could make myself cry. I play the saxophone in my 6th grade band and I play soccer. I am a defensive player in soccer. My friends and I are going to make a remake of the hunger games. We also, make a lot of small movies. I am always voted to be the star in the small movies we make. I was in a Christmas play and I love acting. If you choose me I’d me the happiest girl in the world. I would love to be chosen as one of the children in Mockingjay. I pray everyday for a real acting role. Unfortunately I am getting bullied a lot and i don’t want to go to school because of it. If I get this role I can prove them wrong. Guess what!!!! Mockingjay is coming out the day before my 12th birthday! So please consider giving me a role in the movie. God bless you all thank you so much

  54. Hi,
    My name is Taya I’m 11 years old, I’m 5 foot 2 and I love to act! Acting is my dream. I have read all the books in the hunger games trilogy and so far watched the 2 movies for the first 2 books. I’ve never been in a real play but I’ve played an angel in a small Christmas play. Also, my friends and I love to make little movies. I have starred in 3 small movies. My friends and family told me I’m a good actress. I would love to play a child in Mockingjay. I can make myself cry and fall. I’ll even send you a demo of me acting if you want through my own email I get bullied a lot I’m not your type of popular girl. I’m not very outgoing but I like to talk. I really want to be a big time actress and it could start here! I’d be the happiest girl in the world if I got selected. I love the hunger games trilogy and would do anything for this role.

  55. My name is aurora and i do gymnastics and I like to fight. I do archry,and this will be my first time acting. And the hunger games is my favorit, me and my best friend lina pretend to play the hunger games. And that is why I should be in moking jay.

  56. I love acting. I’ve been in a few play from school and played main parts. I can learn line really quick and remember them. It’s been my dream to either act or sing but I’ve never tried to get out there and I feel like this is my shot. If I got a role in this movie I would be greatly happy. I should’ve said this earlier I am a 12 year old boy I’ve got blue eyes blonde hair and I live in Bakersfield California. I’m pretty good at singing and have a nice voice and it would be awesome to get a part in this movie. It doesn’t have to be a main part but you know a speaking role of some sort because I’m just an ordinary boy from Cali. Some of my hobbies at surfing scootering and just hangin out playin sports and stuff. Overall I’m not here to beg for a part but It would be really cool to get one. Well thanks guys email me what you think please and thank you.

  57. Hello my name is Bridget Ann Gile. Ever since I was four I wanted to be an actor. But I am sure you always here that so I will stop. I live in a small town in Missouri called Lincoln. I am 12 years old but will be 13 on September 25th. Right now I am making a movie based off of the Lord of the Rings. I do track and band. In track I do discus. The farthest I have ever gotten was 63.5. In band I play the Sax. My friend was the person I got into acting. I have seen both of the Hunger game movies and I both like them. Once we saw Catching Fire my mom hated the ending and just wanted to see Mocking Jay right then and there. So I would like for you to send me any information as soon as possible. Thank You 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  58. My name is Sophia Pastrana.
    I am 9 years old and almost 10.
    I was born on August 26 2004.
    I am abut 4feet tall.
    I have medium wavy light brown hair with blond highlights.
    I have tan skin.
    The hunger games is my favorite series of all time!I love the books and movies ! I am a very good actor.If I got a part in this movie I would be the happiest kid in the entire world!!!! Please get back to me

  59. I am reading catching fire (its really good if you want to read it) and my sister Sylvia and I have seen both hunger games and catching fire and we would like to see mockingjay and we are also interested in being extras.

  60. Hello!
    Im writing to you, expressing my interest in this audition.
    My name is Anya Pia Kenner. I am 17 years old and currently live in Perth, WA.
    I have talent in areas of music, singing, acting, modeling and journalism and hope to one day become an actress/director and screen writer.
    The reason you should choose me to be a part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is because I am a talented person who has had a lot of experience in acting since I was very young! Acting, theatre and being infront or behind the camera is my dream and my passion, it is something that I pour my heart into and it is what I want my life to be. I have been told that I am a very confident, kind and approachable person with a fiery passion within and ambition!

    I believe that I am a reliable and organised person who would take their job very seriously. I absolutely love the Hunger Games book series and the films so so much and it would be an absolute honor to be able to audition for a role in the up coming feature film conclusion to the very popular series!
    Katniss Everdeen is also my hero! The stories have taught me a lot in so many ways and have inspired me to start writing books and stories again as I did before.

    mousy brown/blonde hair
    light blue eyes
    167 cm tall
    fair-medium skin
    dress size 8
    shoe size 8

    Thank you for taking time to read my response
    Kind regards,

  61. Hello my name is Tiffany. I am 15 years old. I weigh 80 pounds. I am 4’9. I have dirty blonde hair. I have hazel eyes.
    All my life I have wanted to purse an acting career. I am a hard worker and I put forth my best effort. I love acting. It brings a certain feeling to me that I cannot even begin to explain. I am in my school choir and I have been in church plays. Why I think I deserve a chance is because I work hard and i will show that I deserve to be a part of this movie. I watched the Hunger Games and I love them. Every time I watch them they always keep me on the edge of my couch and the sad moments make me feel like I am standing right there with the characters and I cry along with them. But instead of watching and trying to feel who the characters feel, I would rather be the one living it and acting it so others can feel it too. All I want to do is simply live and breathe acting. All I need is a chance, and I would love it is was this one. Thank You

  62. Hi my name’s Mia Fay, I’m 12 years old with dirty blond hair more on the golden side. I have light blue eyes and blue braces. I’ve read all hunger games books and take acting classes. I’ve also been in many theater production. I would be very interested in playing an extra in the new hunger games movie. If you would like photos or your interested please email me back.

  63. Hi im libby, Im a girl that lives in bournemouth (England). Im 12 and I don’t go to a drama school but i go to a grammar school and i’m very good at acting. I ve got quite short brown hair with natural highlights. Because of my short hair people think im a boy and i am often called names or I can’t get a good part in a play because of what i look like. I have a nice voice and i can be loud when i want to. My dream is to go to Itallia Conti in London but that will never happen. It will be the chance of a lifetime to play a part in this movie. Please give mea chance to show what i can do!

    If there is anything i need to know about, please Email me,
    Libby x

  64. Hello, my name is McKenna Deaton.
    I was born on 29 September 1999
    I have:
    Brown hair
    Hazel green eyes
    I weigh 115lb
    I am five feet and four inches

    I have read all the books and I love how they turned out as movies. They are exactly what I pictured in my mind. I have been a huge fan for such a long time and it would be my honor to participate in this movie. Thank you. 🙂

  65. Hi I am Lillian noble I am 11 and I have dark strawberry blonde hair I have light skin. I am about 148 cm tall and I weigh about 51 kilos. I am very good at acting. Every one at my school always call me a drama queen, who said a drama queen isn’t the best actor ever. We’re will the shooting be and when. Oh I do acting lessons on Thursdays I swim play the flute I can do gymnastics I do ballet and I am a girl. I am writing cause I am dying to play a good part ( main) in the movie

  66. hi it is me again I just want to give you some personal information
    name: Alyssa Martin
    age: 12
    eye: brown
    hair color: black
    hair type: to the shoulders straight but if you tease it and blow dry my hair it will be puffy
    body type: skinny, with long legs
    waist: 24in.
    height: 65in/5 feet and 5in.
    race: Native American and African American
    weight: 91 pound
    born: December 19, 2001
    where: I live in Mira Mesa but I my mom does not care where she has to drive for me to get where I need to be
    why: I want to show everybody that I can get in a movie even if its a little part and hunger games was the best movie every. I want to be known that i was in the best movie ever even if i have a little part.
    i will love to get this optunity to be in this movie. if i don`t make it for part 1 then wil be ready for part to thx and have a nice day. P.S how do you know if you got in?

  67. I’m sorry, I forgot to enter some other personal information about me in my previous comment. I use to take karate and also played freshman football as a defensive tackle and defensive end and currently right now I compete in powerlifting competitions and on my spare time I enjoy volunteering at the animal shelter and I currently hold the state record for the bench press in Illinois for my weight and age. I really truly do love the hunger games I just think the storytelling and the theme the story puts you through is truly something else and if you message me by my number I would be more than happy to send you pictures of what I look like so you can get a better idea on what my physical appearance is. This movie would mean the world to me. I do understand however I’m probably one of the thousands of kids to try and get a part of this movie and I know iam nothing special just a kid from highland illinois. But I would truly appreciate it if you could possibly message me or email me about any more info.

  68. Hello,
    My name is Ricky Feder and Iam a huge fan of the hunger games, I’ve read all the books and watched the first two hunger games on film. I would love if you could give me a shot at any role in the movie I do not have much experience in acting but I have played in amateur plays before in school and I have been told by many of my friends and family I’m great at changing my emotions on the spot. I know these are not that convincing of qualities for the movie but if you give me a chance I promise you you will not be disappointed. Here’s my bio,
    Age: 15
    Weight: 165
    Height: 5ft 10
    Eye color: dark brown/black
    Build: muscular
    Hair: auburn
    If you ever want to contact me about more information my it will check my email and I would love it if you could possible message me or email me about auditions for this spectacular looking film.

  69. This is an inspiring opportunity to suprise not only the world, but you my friend! Id like to show you that i have the mind of a champion

    I see pride in my acting skills. I am very comfortable of making a silly fool of myself and laugh about it off set.

    No need for onions to make me cry, just a natural at this, i can be the dog that does as my “master says”. Dont have to tell me twice whats needed to be done, as its frustrating for you at times. I fean for acting, as you would fean to see my work! Lets do this

    AGE: 22
    EYES: Blue
    HAIR: Black (whatever you desire it to be during set)
    Height: 5’9
    weight: 190 counting muscle mass

    I am the experienced guy youve been looking for

    Email if interested

  70. hello my name is Alyssa martin I will loved to be in this movie because I love the movie. I play instagram hunger games and it is very fun but I will like to be in the movie playing the parts. I am 12 years old black hair and brown eyes. I heard that on the set clove learned how to throw knifes for real and I really want to learn how to throw knifes and work with a bow and arrow. I am not a crazy fan were I see a movie star and attack them until were I get taken away and I always wanted to on those awards show. I even wrote my own speech just in case. my sister said I will never be on TV for anything and she said I should just forget it, so I want to show her I can be on TV o a movie. this means the world to mean and I will be anywhere I need to be if I get this oprtunity. If I get a small part or a big part I do not care because I get to be on TV anyway. I have already sent a email because this means so much to me. So I hope you pick me. Thank you and have a nice day.

  71. Hi! My name is Riley. I am a sixteen year old female (however I can pass for years older and have before).
    I absolutely love The Hunger Games Series. Suzanne Collins is just..great. I read the books years ago, and I loved them so much that I made my mother read the books. She also could not put them down. When the movies came out my mother and I and friends saw them the first weeks they came out, as the movies all have come to theaters around my birthday. Jennifer Lawrence is my acting idol. She is fabulous and talented and hilarious.
    Also, the director, Francis Lawrence is fantastic. He directs the movie in such a way that comes straight from the book. I am in awe.

    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 133lbs.
    Hair: blonde, short, pixie cut
    Eyes: greenish blue
    Skin: slightly tanned, fair
    Race: caucasion
    Piercings or Tattoos: first hole (both ears), cartiledge (right ear), no tattoos

    When I was younger I acted in three or so plays in which I had many speaking and singing/dancing parts.
    Since fourth grade I have taken choral classes, as well as being in Youth Choir at my church. Also, I took multiple years of dancing classes, mainly hip hop and jazz. I have had many solos in both music and dance. I have modeled for years and worked as a photographer as well. Along with being a photographer I was hired to be a Production Assistant for a recent Hasbros Tranformers Toys commercial: Simple Science.
    I am well spoken and responsible. I laugh a lot but I know when and how to be serious. I am very mature and have excellent interpersonal skills. Work is very important to me and I take any work I do very seriously. I would be great on set.

    Thankyou for your consideration and I expect to stay in touch.
    Best Wishes,

  72. Dear,
    audition and casting members that are reading this i want to let you guys know that i love Jennifer Lawrence and will love to do a movie with her. I mean she is an amazing actress and with me she will be even better
    Name: Daniel
    Middle: Enrique
    Last: Mena
    height: 5’9″
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    i am 14 years of age
    I’m American, part Hispanic
    I consider my self as a talented young man. i play the bass, drums, and sing. one of the things that i love the most is acting i will do anything you ask to do, please, this is my desire i believe in my self and will love to act with Jennifer Lawrence, and the rest. please call or email me, THANK YOU.

  73. -Experiqnce: theatre class where we’ve had to make/construct 10 minute plays and work with improve everyday in a part of class.
    -DOB: December 12, 1999
    -Age: 14
    -Hait color: light brown, sometimes looks auburn
    -Eye color: light brown/little bit of green around the edges (shows up in light)
    -Weight: 108
    -Height: 5″4in.
    -Nationality: White, a quarter Japanese, a tiny bit of German/Irish/Indian/Dutch but mostly look American/White and a little Asian

    I would really love it if I could help take part in helping with anything in the making of Mockingjay 1 & 2. It’s my dream to help with this film production. I have read all of the books and are a BIG fan of the movies and a huge fan of all movies. If you could get back to me that would be fantastic, “Thank you, for your consideration.” 😀

  74. I am Allysa Sasser. A big fan of the Hunger Games. I am 11 and I have been in acting for 4 years. I live in Union Ohio. It has always been a dream for me to be in the Hunger Games movies. I’ve even read all of the books and my favorite scene is when Katniss shoots Coin in Mockingjay. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am around 5 feet tall. I weigh around 80 pounds. Being in one of these movies has been on my Bucketlist. Thank you for your time.

  75. Hello,
    My name is Jessica R-S and I have written an email to the casting director to be considered for an audition for Mockingjay and I would love love love to play a role in this movie even if it were just a small one!

    name: Jessica
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’2
    Eye Colour: Hazel with brown freckles
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Skills an asset for this movie: I ride horses, Shoot a bow, and please the people!
    Location: Canada, Eh!
    Willing to travel

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