‘Supernatural’ on The CW

"Supernatural" - The CW
“Supernatural” – The CW

Millions of fans around the world are gearing up for another exciting season of The CW hot ‘Supernatural’ and now a number of aspiring performers can gear up to have a chance at landing a role in one of the most exciting series on television today. Auditions for several fantastic roles in the all new season of The CW’s mystery thrill ride will be taking place very soon and will continue through the season and actors of all ages can submit themselves today for their shot at primetime TV stardom.

Apply today for roles in the all new season of this hit CW series.


‘Supernatural’ stars Hollywood heartthrobs Jared Padalecki (Friday the 13th, Gilmore Girls, Cheaper by the Dozen) and Jensen Ackles (My Bloody Valentine, Smallville, Dark Angel) as Sam and Dean Winchester, a pair of brothers on an epic mission to find the supernatural being that killed their mother and root out countless evil beings along the way. This incredible series is part X-Files, part Vampire Diaries and all must see TV and the show just keeps getting better with each pulse-pounding season. In addition to Mr.’s Padalecki and Ackles the ‘Supernatural’ cast is stacked with many talented performers including Misha Collins (Girl, Interrupted, Over Her Dead Body, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Jim Beaver (Justified, Breaking Bad, Deadwood) and Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary, Stargate: Atlantis, Life or Something Like It). This is the type of high quality series that can take up and coming actors careers to the next level and the chance for auditions is coming very quickly. (‘Supernatural’ IMDb Page)


The casting directors and producers for ‘Supernatural’ are preparing their auditions now and will continue them throughout the duration of the season. Performers interested in these CW casting calls can submit themselves for consideration today by sending emails here supernaturalfilms@gmail.com.

As soon as more details for ‘Supernatural’ auditions become available we will post them here so keep checking back for updates and speak your mind in the space below and tell us why you want to land a role in the hit CW series ‘Supernatural’.

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  1. Hi! My name is Cayla Davidson, I am 11 years old (almost 12 in june). I am in 6th grade in Texas. I play select soccer and i am currently in a splint after breaking my right wrist. I love supernatural, and have been a fan for a while. I would love to be on the show to start an acting career. My mother works for a hospital Jared Padalecki's family attends, and has met them. Even though this show is a bit much to ask to be on, It would be an absolute honor to be on it. Thanks.

  2. Hi! I really don't know if you guys will actually see this since you guys probably get a shit ton of messages from fans and stuff already, but if you do happen to stumble upon this and think, 'well whatever might as well ask more questions for whatever reason' my email is , I am looking to start my career in acting (I have some experience) and i usually don't care if I'm an extra or a lead/supporting character. (sorry, I didn't add alot of information, I'm one of those people who doesn't put that much info on the internet 😬)

  3. Hello my name is Alexis, I am female and will be18 in July. I am caucasian with blond/dirty blond hair to my shoulders when it is curly, anout a inch past when it’s straight. I am just over 5”5, 145lbs, slender but not underweight. I have blue eyes and i wear glasses but i have contacts. I can do a decent british accent and a good country. I did a couple of musicals in middle school but not much. Ever since i was little i loved to pretend and it's a passion in my free time. I have been in love with supernatural since i found it and to possibly have the honor to act in my favorite show would be outstanding. As a volunteer, extra, or a big role. I wouldent even ask for pay! What a thing to imagine, my first opertunity on supernatural.

  4. Hi, my name is Breanna Hooks. I am 5’3 and have brown hair and brown eyes. I am from northern Alabama. It has been a dream of mine to be in the entertainment industry since I was very young. My parents told me to give up but I have not. I fell in love with supernatural on the first episode. Every episode I continue to fall in love with the show. It would be a dream come true to even be considered cast upon the show. Greatly appreciate you reading this. If any interest or information please contact me. My email is
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hello, My name is Izy Corio. I live in Colorado. I'm 12 but will be turning 13 in 3 weeks, 5'4, I have short thin straight brown hair and Round hazel eyes (green and brown, although more brown than green). I have been in many plays but I have wanted to be a film actor since I was about 3. I have had a couple lead roles and in a week I will be preforming in my school play (The murder mystery at the murder mystery) I hope you will consider me for this role in supernatural or another show. Thank you!

  6. My name is Wren Harper, I am 16 years old, 5'7, I have short brown hair and hazel eyes, and I would love to be a part of Supernatural. I am a homeschooler from Burlington Vermont.
    Supernatural has been in my life for a long time, on good days, on bad days, on in between days. I don't know who I would be without it.
    I am an amateur filmmaker, and I quite often act in my (not so amazing) short films.
    I also did theater for seven years.
    I don't know if you'll even consider me… But if you do, then thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. I'm not sure where to start this if I'm honest, reading what other people have written has put me down slightly. I don't have millions of different talents and I haven't done many exciting things in my life. My name is Georgyna Smythe-Hudson, I sometimes go by Gina Hudson though. I have layered dirty-blonde hair and blue/green eyes. I'm around 5'8, I don't really measure my height. I'm 13 years old but can easily pass as a sixteen year old. I live in the UK, but hopefully travelling won't be an issue. For as long as I remember I wanted to be an actress, not caring about fame, because I love it. Any chance I get I act, in school productions or drama clubs mostly. I prefer roles which show a lot of different emotions and find it really easy to connect and get into character. My friend got me involved in Supernatural a little over a year ago and now I can't imagine my life without it, but I'm not an over obsessive fangirl. Personally, I think the idea of being around other people with the same passion as me is amazing, especially those more experienced. Getting tips and input from others is one of my favourite experiences in school productions apart from the acting itself. My family think that me wanting a career in acting is stupid and will never happen, sometimes I agree. But I want to make people happy, I want someone else to enjoy what I do. Watching Supernatural has lifted my mood after a stressful day and I'd love to have the chance to be apart of the show.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  8. Hi, my name is izzy freilich live in New York City I am 14 years old I'm between 5 foot 3 and 4. I have short dark hair and blue eyes with a little orange. I would want to be on supernatural because I have always loved mythology and when I found the show on Netflix a few years ago I instantly loved it. As I watched the show I would watch convention videos and learn more about the actors on the show. About 2 years ago I started to look up to Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki the most because they have been through a lot of bad in the past and have gotten through it. Now they are all super happy and help people so much. Having a role on supernatural would be amazing for me also because I love acting.

  9. Hello, my name is Sabella Johnson. I live near Columbus, Indiana. I love watching Supernatural and really want a chance to be a part of it, no matter how small. I'm twelve, almost thirteen, pretty tall, with brown hair and bluish eyes. I don't have much acting experience but I'm not afraid to participate in particularly creepy scenes.

  10. Supernatural has saved me from a lot of things, and has always been my comfort show. It’s something I can rely on when life isn’t the best. So I think that’s why I’d like to be on it, if only as an extra or something. But it’s not only the show, the cast and producers, I think, would be really nice to work with. Lastly, I’d like to make a mark on the world, not a big one, and this could be the start.

  11. My name is Danny Davies I am 13 years old soon to be 14 but everyone thinks I'm 18 apparently, I honestly think I would be a good character because I both look like a boy and a girl so I can be one or the other or both, my voice can go from feminine to well male (wouldn't really say masculine) and I just really love acting, i do play better with sarcastic characters cause I'm that way in real life but I can play many others too. Idk, Supernatural is honestly my favorite show ever and it would be a dream to play on it. ~Danny

  12. Hello, I'm Kyle Broennle. I am a 12 year old Caucasian female with brown hair. This would be my first roll and I would love to be a part of the Supernatural family!

  13. Hi, my name is Jenny, I am quirky and a hard worker. I am a huge fan of supernatural. If you want a female Lucifer, or the Impala to turn into a human for a couple episodes, if you want somebody to simply make coffee runs then I am your gal. I am quick to learn and always ready to try new things. I am 5'10, blonde hair hazel eyes. I have been in some plays. I am not camera shy and I was accepted into an acting agency. Supernatural has gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life. In each character I find a piece of myself. So thank you for giving that to me.

  14. Hello, I’m Mary Jane James, I’m from central Minnesota. I am 14, I weigh 160, with a height of 5’7 and BMI of 17. I do softball, as a catcher, traveling softball, volleyball and JO volleyball. My hobbies include drawing, writing, watching SPN, spending time with my friends/ family and acting. I haven’t acted much, but I love it. Supernatural has been inspiration for me, and I want to be someone’s inspiration one day as well. I don’t care the role, but I would love an opportunity to inspire my dream and others.

  15. OK, so where to start .Well first, my name is Addelyn and I'm 27 yrs old, and I have just always been that vivacious outspoken person that found my niche in theater classes though school. It was my outlet my talent was often never supported through my parents always told me it was a fools dream and for every one there is a million more out there wanting the same thing (which is true). Trying to never let that get to me I kept my head up, and kept up with the schools theater productions I would get into. My biggest supporters where always my theater teachers they believed in me and that is what mattered to me. I originally started in J.R. high and landed my first lead role with my first audition ever, It was a musical and I wasn't the one with the strongest voice but I will never forget my theater teacher telling me that I was defiantly the one with the strongest acting capability. That's where it all started it branched out to high school where I was one of the few freshman/ and sophomores in the advanced acting productions class normally reserved for seniors. I realize i don't have the vast background so many people have that try out for this show, but I promise I have the desire, I just lost faith in myself for awhile and now I'm finally taking the chance to pursue It.
    I have no idea if this website goes anywhere in means of casting for supernatural, but why not take a chance. My contact information is would love to hear from you. Thank you

  16. Hello, my name is Jazminn Molinas, and I live in Kalispell, Montana. I'm 17 soon to be 18 in May, I'm 5'9.5 and have dark brown hair and brown/hazel eyes and wear glasses. I have been in a student film and have had some experience with acting since I was 10. I have been a huge fan of Supernatural since it first came out. I would love to be a part of this show and be with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, even if my role would be small. Please contact me if there are any possible sall roles for me to audition for. My email is . Thank you

  17. Hi my name is Maxine picard I’m from Windsor Ontario I am 5ft1 i am 14 years old I have brown hair and blue brow mixed eyes I would love to be on supernatural because I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I would love to be on the show not just to act but help my parents some how do they would have to work as much. To contact me my number is

  18. My Name is Brandy Cofer, 5"2 257 Oh ya little big mamma.
    Special Skills: Jobs Held: Mother
    Not acting on camera. Pizza Hut:
    Messing up film, UDF:
    Ride a bike but not the tore. Might be able to horse whisper , not
    Can sign my name. Cleaner:
    Might be able to fine the mark. Cook:
    Lighting not to good at but can learn. waitress:
    Spelling not to good at or reading but can put everything into it.
    Can dance maybe:
    English sometimes:
    Want to teach a 36 year old single mother of three something new. I'm your girl.
    Hope you get a good laugh if nothing else. good work cast and grow hope for many more years as long as you up to it.

  19. Hello my name is Shyann McClendon I am 19 years old. I may be young compared to other actors in the tv show but I have great ideas for the show. I am 5'7", African American mixed with White. I am very social human being who usually gets a long with everyone. I have black hair, hazel eyes.

    Again, I have great ideas for the show and would really appreciate to join the family.

  20. Hi my name is Skylar Buckley and I am 18 years old. I am a female with dark brown eyes, black short hair 5'5 I believe and I love in San Antonio Texas. I have loved Supernatural for many years and it has gotten me through many things in life. I have been in theatre for three years now, and each year has enriched my life just a bit more. I have acted for my school's program called "ECTV" as well as edited and directed some shorts for it. Acting is a passion of mine that I have yet been able to express and I would love to be considered for a role in on of the greatest ongoing shows this generation has.

  21. Hi, I'm Abigail McNeely. I'm 13, but I look older. I have long brown hair and I dyed the ends purple. My eyes are hazel and I'm 5'4. I'm pale and I wear black frame glasses. But if I can't wear them, that's not a problem. I have no previous experience in acting, but I feel as if I have a shot. I live in Louisiana. My mother and I love the show and I would love to have a part, big or small.

  22. I’ve been a long time fan of Supernatural. I’ve seen the entire series three times. It’s my favorite show of all time. It’s been my dream since I was in high school to be on this show and just be part of something I love so much. It would be incredible to get to work with this amazingly talented cast and crew.

    1. If you ever need someone for acting role I would be more than thrilled to do so just email me and tell me what to do and I’m on it. Also if someone from the set is looking tell Jared Jensen and misha happy Father’s Day

  23. Hi, I’m Brandon Owens. In case you need a big black dude I’m your man. Athletic, strong, coachable and been in a musical or two. I’ll even be a token 😂

  24. Hello, my name is Shannon and I am 18 years old (turning 19 in April). I can play ages 16-22. I am Caucasian, with hazel eyes. I currently have grey/blonde hair, though my natural hair color is brown. I am 5’7 and 150lbs. I live in Massachusetts. I attended a vocational high school where I majored in Video and Performing Arts. I have been acting in plays since I was in 4th grade and also acted in quite a few short films and videos throughout my high school career.

    I have been a fan of Supernatural for some time now, and would sell my soul for an opportunity to be a part of the show. Though it would be my first “professional” production, I feel as though I could be a good addition. I have practice in archery and shooting, and have some experience in stage combat. I feel that I could be a good fit in any role on the show, no matter how small. Just the experience alone would help me grow as an actress and open me up to a lot more opportunities from there. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and consider me 🙂

  25. I am emma Braun and I am 13 years old I am a blue belt in martial arts, jukito which is a mix of jujitsu and karate. . I have played in many school plays. I am great at singing and playing oboe (an instrument). I have 1 sibling, she is my sister and she is 2 years older than me she is also a blue belt in martial arts and people usually think we are twins because we are a lot alike with aperance and our personalities. I also like taking risks because you only live once so I want to not grow up regretting not doing anything.
    Please contact me

  26. My name is Emma Braun I am 13 years old my sister, Nicole and I both enjoy the show supernatural. We both take martial arts and she is 2 years older than me. A lot of times people ask us if we are twins because we look and act so much alike. We both do martial arts, jukito, which is a mix of karate and jujitsu. We live in Massachusetts and we want to do something in our lives so we don’t grow up doing nothing and regret not ever doing something. My email

  27. Hello my name is Hailey Scrivner, i'am 18 years old, 5'3 height. blue/ gray eyes Blonde hair 154lbs. I live formally in Tulsa, OK I' am a hard worker i love to act i have seen alot of Supernatural and fell in love with it. i haven't acted before but i do act very well. you can find me at my email for further detail you may contact me there if you like. i know some spanish and i'm learning japanese. i usaully am acting as if i'm a vampire hybrid cause that is what i like.

  28. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Kamarra Danielle McIntosh. I am six foot tall, mixed with African american and Caucasian. My hair is shoulder length when natural and between my shoulder blades when straightened. My eye color is brown and my weight is 175 lbs. I have an average body type but i am athletic in the sense of I did track, cross country, and volleyball. I am saving to take a martial arts defense class soon. I am also 19 years of age and am a college student in California. I have a passion for the arts for I major in animation but i have always been in Theater. I have created my own stories and plays for classes as well. I am trying to expand my career choices as well and I am looking into Modeling and acting agencies. Supernatural has been a huge part of my life for the story of the two brothers caught my attention and reminds me of my own character Dynamic. The cast and crew are amazing themselves with each other and their fans and I would love to interact and have a chance to act with them. Jensen and Jared are such great role models honestly to their fans and to the public. Also with the upcoming Wayward sisters, i would love to a part of that as well for I feel it will create such a larger audience and show the greatness of the female hunters as well.

    Please consider me as a part of the show , and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    – Kamarra McIntosh

  29. Hello,

    My name is Emma Wagner, and I'm 19 years old. I have brown hair, blue-green eyes, and I'm about 5 feet 4 inches. I've been acting and singing since I was young, although never in a lead role. I would love the opportunity to develop a character over a longer period of time-something you can only have in a series. Also, I'm crazy about the show, and any chance at all to experience it, and learn from the cast and crew, would be a dream come true.

  30. Hi I'm Samantha , I'm 18, from Oakhurst CA. I would love a chance to be on this show. I can sing dance and draw. I'm 5'4 and 134 lbs. I pick and Learn things really well. Jared Jensen and Misha are three of my favorite actors and would do anything to meet them.

  31. Hi, my name is Hope and I never have done acting or anything like that. If you accept me on the show I'll do my best. I love the show so much and J2 to. I want to be on the cast of supernatural because I watched Jared and Jensen from day one of supernatural and I also love watching the gag reels of the past and present seasons. I think I would do good at memorizing the lines of a said episode and it would be cool to hangout with Jared and Jensen for however long.

  32. I want to be on the cast of supernatural because I watched Jared and Jensen from day one of supernatural and I also love watching the gag reels of the past and present seasons. I think I would do good at memorizing the lines of a said episode and it would be cool to hangout with Jared and Jensen for however long.

  33. Hi I'm Brenda Ledig and I'm a perfect fit for the supernatural family. I'm a young 35 and fit and could be compared to a mix of Meg, Mary, Amura, and the sheriff. I come with my own quick wit and sarcasm but lots of laughs and positivity. I'm known as the girl who always smiles but I also have no problem standing up for my beliefs. I'd love any opportunity tart may be available. I just met the cast in Orlando and feel I could fit right in.

  34. I know that I'd be a perfect fit for the supernatural family…. I'm a combination of Meg , Mary, amura, and the sheriff. But I'd totally bring my own sarcasm and laughs. Typically I'm the type of girl who's all smiles and positivity … I'll find the silver lining! But I also speak up when things aren't right. I'd literally take any role just to be a part of it! It would be worth it!

  35. Names Sarah, 20 years old, Been acting since I was young (though not on anything major) and would not only like to expand/ start a career in acting but would also like to work with Supernatural’s amazing cast and crew.

  36. Hi, name’s Lizzie, I’m 22 and from the UK (Just in case you need an authentic british accent) specifically Lowestoft (Google it no one really knows where it is). 5ft 7″ currently have blonde hair. Recently graduated from Univeristy and am a MAJOR fan of supernatural. I’m ready to learn anything and everything. Every year all the cast and crew manage to bring such an amazing show to life without fail. This is something i would love to be a part of. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  37. Hi, my name is Tori Ellis , i am 15 years old i am 5ft 7 inch, i have dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes,caucasian and i weigh 117 pounds . i live in Las Vegas but will travel if needed. i have some acting experience (if school play count). i would love to be considered to be apart of supernatural and thank you.

  38. Hi, my name is Ana Grove and I am 15 years old. I am around 5ft 9, have brown hair and blue-grey eyes. Supernatural is a huge part of my life, and TV/film acting is my life goal! I have done school productions and been part of a small drama club, but I and very quick and extremely willing to learn. I live in Hertfordshire, England but I don’t mind the travelling and it shouldn’t be an issue. I love this show and everything it stands for. I really want to try to get out there while I’m young and not working and still believe anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it, and I so am! Even consideration would mean the world to me!! Thank you and I love you

  39. Hey, my name is Stephanie Moore, I am 23 years old, 6ft with blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. I live in NSW, Australia but travelling is a huge passion of mine so distance is never an issue. I haven’t really any acting experience besides doing drama in school but our teacher left and for some reason they couldn’t get another one so they had to drop the subject (it was a rural school). I’ve been a fan of the show for as long as I can remember, all the way back to when the first episode aired and mum was out at her sewing class so dad let my brother and myself watch it and it became our little thing every week.
    It would mean so much for me to get the chance to be a part of this show and show the world how much this show has meant to me.
    Thankyou for your consideration.

  40. Hey my name is Felicia Carroll I am 31 years old the only acting I have done was for a video 2 in 1 green clean for a man name bill . I come from a small town of cedar grove tn . I have only been a waitress my whole life . the thought of being in a action pack tv show gets my heart pumping. I was told supernatural was casting people so I said hey why not give it a try . thanks for taking your time to read my comment ..

  41. Hello, my name is Shawna May and I am 17 years old. I am Caucasian, my eyes are a mix of blue and green, have light brown hair and I am 5’1. I live in Salem, Oregon. The only acting experience I have is in my theatre class at my High School. I would love to audition for Supernatural because it is my dream to become an actress and having the chance to be cast on my favorite show Supernatural would be a dream come true. Even just having an audition would be a great experience and help me get into the field of acting.

  42. Hello, everyone. Love supernatural, it would be a great honor to be apart of it. If given the chance. I’m Ginger, 22 almost 23. 5’3 green eyes, and white/Caucasian. And actually experience.?!? Um, not in less we’re counting act sick to get out of going to school. Or, a few things that I’ve posted on YouTube.

    Good luck to everyone.!!!

  43. My name is Tonya Taylor I do not have acting experience but I would like to gain it by maybe acting in my favorite show. I’m 15 and 5’3 and 130 pounds I have dark strawberry blond hair with blue as the bottom half and am Caucasian. I live in Springfield Oregon. I am a very good listener. You can contact me at ktaylor9503@yahoo.com

  44. I am Joy Ann Jones always told my friends and family if I had a chance to try out & audition for Supernatural I would drive a million miles to do it because it’s on my bucket list! I am a huge fan of the show and I am 40yo with some acting experience plus we look good together https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7ff7e190cf08b92b33528b28b0047b3d6624b4be4f7718b156b1e0e9580d79d.jpg

  45. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cd3701a43da8d0ca1b887d4ddbc05bcd0cbc676c39a7d2306f80a6b8636722a9.jpg Good morning, afternoon or night.

    I’m Kerry, age 22,female, one of the many admirers of supernatural to perhaps be given a chance to audition for a minor cast member or extra ( Which I’m sure I could do quite well, I usually blend into backgrounds just fine without being a distraction unless I trip over my own foot on the occasion). I’d be thrilled to meet the cast, the staff and many more, I would greatly put the possible future moment in the highest regard. I’d love to squeeze in some references but I’m not that clever when it comes to text.I feel like I would be a great addition in the fact that I will do my best to follow a given role, refrain from straying into something that isn’t required for me to do unless asked and respect the actors and actresses in as polite and professional of a manner as I can. I’m aware that several fans would scream and become extremely enthusiastic, though as I’m sure I would on the inside, a normal reaction for many given fans, I’d refrain from invading anyone’s space and so forth unless permission has been given as is common courtesy.
    I can assure you I’ll do my best for my first audition,if you will be interested in giving me a chance and the honor of reading off a piece of script or anything along those lines, reach me through my email, kfredette2@gmail.com.

    Thank you very much for reading my email, I hope it won’t take up too much of your time since it’s a precious thing for all of us, best wishes for everyone involved with supernatural!

  46. Hello my name is Bonnie I am 21 I am from Iowa and I would love a chance to act on supernatural https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa627604d6c9527185046984f8b45375a3070bd33c361537fb83b7d22d2822c2.jpg this is a picture of me this year.

  47. Hello,

    (I sincerely hope this is legitimate)

    My name is Emma Frost, and I am writing to you in hopes of landing an audition.
    I am 18 going on 19, from Toronto, Canada. I am 5’5, brown hair, brown eyes, caucasian, 130 pounds. I have print ad modelling and theatre performance experience. I got into acting as a kid but my mother pulled me out so I could focus on my education. Aside from acting, I danced for 9 and a half years in jazz, ballet, tap, acro, and hip-hop. I also have singing experience as well. I play the ukulele, the drums, and other percussion instruments. I am a hard worker, and work particularly well with a team. I take instructions well, am a good listener, and am always willing to improve my techniques. I would like to audition for a role on supernatural because it is such an iconic and monumental show, with phenomenal acting, production, set, and effects. The perfect mix of brotherly love, and kick ass ghost/demon fighting action.

    I hope to hear from you soon!
    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via email!

    Emma Frost.

  48. Hi huge supernatural fan no lie! I’m 36 just turned 36 a few months ago in September. I have watched every season relentlessly, I started watching when the show first started. I was 24 when I first started watching. I have a little acting experience I played an extra in a low budget filmed called street boss shot in Saginaw Michigan. Here is a face pic of me https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b6a9e3c513738c487f1793bcf4f1269f3037714482efe352e1d5ec5a4ff9e78.jpg I hope the pic is OK I have lost a little weight in my face since then. I also grew a mustache. This is my dream and this is the show I would love to be on more then anything. Thanks for your time.

  49. My name is Anna, I am 13,but often, people say I look around the age of 17. I’m 5’8, have an average weight, dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. I’m from Washington Township, New Jersey. I have little experience with acting unfortunately, but have put on small shows for friends and family. I can adapt easily to new ideas, and my friends usually describe me as quite open minded and/or flexible. I am comfortable in front of cameras, and would be happy to provide any help for the show, even if it is something small. Supernatural is a great series and it’d be an honor to be a part of the production. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me through email. anna.smith0217@yahoo.com

  50. Hi, my name is Ali and I am fourteen. Acting has always been a passion of mine and I am a big fan of the show, I am always trying to increase my acting abilities and the tight- knit Supernatural family seems like a great place to get me comfortable in a new environment and hopefully jump start my acting career. I have already acted out scenes with friends and have watched the actors to pick up on their specific movements to display their characters unique traits. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and I am 5’7 and a 1/2. I am comfortable in front of cameras and have done many productions from musicals to fantasy themed plays. I would be happy as an extra but it would be great to have a minor speaking role. I can do emotional or comical scenes and will take anything. I live in San Diego. I would feel so honored if I got the part of an extra, if you have questions or any other casting calls you recommend please contact me by outlook: crimson_11@outlook.com. Thank you so much!

  51. Hi, my name is Stella and I am 13. I am very interested in acting in the tv series “supernatural” I am such a big fan and it would be an amazing opportunity to even be an extra in this amazing show. I have light brown hair and blue eyes and I am 5’7, as I said I am 13 but can pass as 14-15 and possibly older depending on if Makeup is involved. I am a bit newer to acting, but have enough experience to be apart of the show, I can do emotional scenes and happy, fun scenes. I am very flexible and can basically go along with anything thrown my way. It would be such an honour to even be considered. If interested or have any questions please contact me by gmail: rosegold522@gmail.com thank you

  52. Hi I’m Naylea, I’m interested in getting into acting but I’m not sure where to start so I thought why not my favorite show? Although I won’t want to start with a big role because I don’t feel I’m ready for that quite yet it would be fun to be an extra every once in a while. I don’t have practice with acting recently but I did audition for a cereal commercial and got it but sadly declined because it wasn’t my passion at the time. Now I’m interested and I would say I do have experience with acting such as a class project play. I’m 15 years-old, about to be 16 in March. I have short brown hair with caramel highlights (not natural, colored). I have brown eyes and wear glasses. I’m 5’5″ and slim. I have the potential of appearing older (18) if makeup is applied. If you would be able to give me a chance I would be so grateful. If you do decide to give me a chance my email is wolf.123.macias@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you!

  53. Hello, Im Leah Sludds and I live in Ireland though I do not have an Irish accent. I can pass as a female and male character. I am 14 years old with short dark brown hair with some blond highlight (which will be out soon). I am pretty slim. Dark brown eyes. I am 5’3. I have some experience in drama and acting, I am involved in Buí Bolg in Wexford. I would love you be considered in an episode of Supernatural as a character or extra. I have been interested in acting and drama since I was younger and want to persue a career in acting now or when I’m older. I am very energetic and humours, but also can be very serious. If you’re interested please contact me using G-mail @samuelsluddsftm@gmail.com . Respectfully Leah sludds

  54. Hello! I’m Anna Tynch, and I would love the opportunity to get to act on the Supernatural film. I am a female, with dirty blonde, long hair and blue green eyes. I’m quite slim, and currently live in Naples, Italy due to my dad’s job. I am from Virginia, however, and have an American accent. Italy to London is only about six hours or so on a plane. I don’t have much experience but I’ve always enjoyed acting and practiced it alone for fun. Just being an extra would be an incredible opportunity! I am looking into possibly being an actor in the future and this would be a wonderful way to start. I appreciate it so much! If you want to contact me please do so, my email is anna.tynch@gmail.com. Very Respectfully, Anna Tynch

  55. Hi my name is Cordelia Anderson, I am 14 years old and I live in Springfield, IL. I have been studying up on acting and everything about it and would really like to get into it. I think being an extra or anything st all in supernatural would help me get my possible career going. I am 5’7, I have dirty blond medium hair, blue/greyish/greenish eyes, and I’m pretty slim. I have almost no experience at acting but have been in drama at school in the past and honestly I think I naturally have a lot of different espressions and think acting might work out for me either now or in the future. If you “take me into consideration” just contact me on my Facebook or through my gmail: CordeliaRainbow24@gmail.com. Thanks.

  56. Hello, my name is Margo, I’m 17 years old, I’m from Ukraine, but I live in Vancouver. I have long red hair and green eyes. I am an equestrian rider. From very young age I’ve been dreaming about being a successful actor and playing a role in my favourite TV show or movie, such as Supernatural. Probably, this show is my favourite one for different reasons, i really enjoy to watch it. I love to film things, I am a photographer and also i make videos on youtube, I really into acting in front of the camera even though I don’t have any professional skills in this industry yet. However, I always ready to work hard for realizing my dreams. I wish to be a part of this amazing show. Thank you very much, and contact me please here @bunevich.m@mail.ru https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b736af5179155c5ec101bbd4e7873ffaff4709b9fc78723aea9808ab46e165ba.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b75e8f58985fb621dfdf560825b40e105288094a6cd19cdf995c91deaa7ef148.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8577fea3e97bd6d2b3983af898b3a8d6100334d5e14d5dde2d6656e6362ddd8a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3e3121fe9009e7b2ad5a01f6405b69c6ced6e231b88f807fb553bc20d83fa08.jpg

  57. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Andrew Wolfe. I am 21 years old. I worked in at Nightmare’s Gate Haunted house for 6 years and have become an icon character. If emailed I can provide references to the owners of the Haunted House for recommendations. I am a United States Marine. I have preformed as an extra in a few shows in Atlanta where I am from. Currently, I am stationed in North Carolina. I took acting classes in high school and directed a couple plays there. I can say I’m a very energetic actor capable of playing many roles and making it my own. If interested please contact me at theofficialandrewwolfe@gmail.com
    Thank you for your consideration.

  58. Hi. My name is Emma Canfield. I’m 18 years old, and I’ve dreamed my entire life of becoming an actor. I love the show, Supernatural, and I would love to be on the show to kickstart an acting career. I think I’d be really good because of my creative character acting and my sense of humor. My main concern for getting an audition is my work schedule is not defined as of yet, and I have no sure way of getting to an audition whether in Seattle, or anywhere North of there. I still would like the opportunity though and a chance to get a part. Thank you very much for your consideration. If you wish to contact me, email Maribrick@hotmail.com.

  59. Hey my name is Emmily I’m 26 years old and live in New York I love supernatural and love to be in it. I am hard working ,friendly and a fast learner please give me a shot thank you emmilyng4@gmail.com

  60. My name is shane, I am 23 years old and I am currently residing in south Carolina. I am originally from upstate new york but moving here has changed me very much. I don’t have much acting lessons except when I was a child I would create wild adventures with friends and acted everything out. I’ve done some acting in the demolay(junior masons). I have always wanted to take part in supernatural because it was like stepping into another world full of everything you can face. I do not have much money and I have been attending a technical college because around here without financial support it is hard to get into acting. I would love to take part in this adventure and give it my all, being able to be known as someone who has done something amazing in my family would be an achievement. Thank-you for reading and i hope I may get selected. This is my e-mail chandashane9@gmail.com or chandashane@yahoo.com.

  61. My name is Lilith ( yes for real) i am 12 years old and have won 3 modeling contest and one acting contest but i was little. My mom wanted me to have a childhood so when they picked me she said no, but she said i can be on supernatural as an extra if i wanted …. Sadly i live on the east coast ..so how can i adution? . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ca332cba6c62e43f90093ae5bc3fe386c1b5ed16af08bf7c2d3480c49bd28dce.jpg

  62. Hello, my name is Julia lane, I am 25 years old. I have two girls, 3 and
    1, who are so adorable and cute and id love to be able to show them that their mummy was on t.v when they’re older.
    I am very outgoing and love meeting new people, i like having a laugh but am also very mature. I have never attended acting classes but I have always wanted to be on tv, imagine what it would do if I had ‘played a character on supernatural’ on my resume.
    I’d love to have the chance to be in supernatural as i have watched and loved the show and characters from the first episode of season 1.
    To perform on supernatural would be a dream come true and I’d definitely love the chance to work alongside Jensen ackles who is one of my favourite actors.
    Thank you for reading this and please consider me,
    If you would like to get in contact with me, my email is jules.k.lane21@gmail.com
    Many thanks

  63. Hello, my name is Trinity, I am 13 years old. I am a female. I’m 5’3 and 160 lbs. I love to have fun, but when it comes to being serious, I will be serious. I have watched Supernatural for about 4 years. I have binge watched a lot of episodes. I think I would be a pretty good fit for a role in Supernatural, because I’m a little like Claire. I also feel the need to actually hunt things for some reason. In other words, Supernatural is my life. It calms me down when needed. When I’m sad, I’ll watch Supernatural and instantly become happy. It’s one of my escapes out of life.

    I am very mature. If you ever decide to give me a shot, contact me through email at: trinity.leese.24@gmail.com. I won’t let you down. 🙂

  64. Hello, my name is Kayson, I am 13 years old. I am a female.I’m 5’1″ and 176 lbs. I love to be active, I play basketball altough i’m not that good at it. I watch supernatural just about everyday. I think I would be a perfect fit because in supernatural because its like my life. If i’m mad iI watch supernatural to clam me down or stessed out. I have a school project and I have to make a play so I did supernatural because thats the only thing that I watch that I understand.

  65. Hello, My name is Kellie, I am a 16 year old girl (appear early-mid 20s), 5’10”, 180 lbs (but well proportioned and curvy, not ‘pear’ shaped heavy), and while I’ve yet to participate in anything professional, my acting ability is still on a more decent level than some actors/actresses that somehow managed TV roles.

    I personally would like to be a part of Supernatural as well as see myself as a good fit for the series because this type of action/drama is a genre I excel in, and I have a high capability of acting and reacting to supernatural aspects naturally, as I have experienced minor supernatural occurrences in the past, and I would be able to put myself in the same mental place for a performance.

    While I understand I am not exactly a “seasoned” actress, I still believe I would be worth giving a shot to through an audition, even if for a single episode as I am confident I would not disappoint in delivering a quality performance as well as gaining professional experience for myself.

  66. Hello. My name is Fiona and I would love to be a part of the Supernatural community- even for just one episode. I absolutely love the show and believe that this would be an amazing learning experience. I live where a lot of the filming is placed, British Columbia, Canada. I am 15 and 5′. I have naturally dark blonde hair, but I have acne problems and am around 160lbs. I would like to be able to put this on my resume as my first acting job.

  67. Degree in English lit., i am currently working as a dental assistant and Have my cosmetology license so i have a traveling Salon business as well. There has to be more to life than this small town. I would be an Absolute asset to your cast. I see lots of episodes with dirtroads and cornfields, which makes me feel i would be right at home and fit in perfectly. Thank you for your consideration. Jenniprefer32@gmail.com https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49fd0c9c8f8b76e6c9ebc0a9f6cb7b2335c2e0d6bfc8352c0b8ba5d09d090064.jpg

  68. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4550e58d49ecb50d22eb302ceb31025661498be3e00bdd527bf9cddad9c59ea9.jpg

    Hi, My name is Cassandra Marie Hole. I live in Orchards, Washington and would like to be considered for a role on supernatural. I am 15 years old and turn 16 on may 15 of next year. I stand at a height of five feet three inches and weigh 138lbs, with blue eyes, short and naturally blonde hair at the moment though it is dyed a pink and blue green coloration. I feel like I would be a good choice for this show because I realize that most of the roles are probably physically demanding which I’d be able to deal with just fine. I spent most of my time growing up playing soccer and volleyball, I am used to physically demanding challenges as well and have expected shooting guns, bows and working with knifes. Most of my family considers me a tomboy and Thinks that I would be great for a role in your show. I can be reached at the email of aradiamegido27@gmail.com and the number of 360-464-9678
    Thank you for your consideration

  69. https://uploads.disquscdn https://uploads.disquscdn.com/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4550e58d49ecb50d22eb302ceb31025661498be3e00bdd527bf9cddad9c59ea9.jpg images/5221e666c0a7228eb79b844837ac02fbeb334db263b7aff92cc44efd992383a4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f28e688b6e0b983badbb2469d30676f2e392ff2caa851587905780258961e742.jpg .com/images/4550e58d49ecb50d22eb302ceb31025661498be3e00bdd527bf9cddad9c59ea9.jpg Hi, My name is Cassandra Marie Hole. I live in Orchards, Washington and would like to be considered for a role on supernatural. I am 15 years old and turn 16 on may 15 of next year. I stand at a height of five feet three inches and weigh 138lbs, with blue eyes, short and naturally blonde hair at the moment though it is dyed a pink and blue green coloration. I feel like I would be a good choice for this show because I realize that most of the roles are probably physically demanding which I’d be able to deal with just fine. I spent most of my time growing up playing soccer and volleyball, I am used to physically demanding challenges as well and have expected shooting guns, bows and working with knifes. Most of my family considers me a tomboy and Thinks that I would be great for a role in your show. I can be reached at the email of aradiamegido27@gmail.com and the number of 360-464-9678
    Thank you for your consideration

  70. Hi I am Megan Garver and I would like a role on supernatural. I am 14 years old but people ask if I am 16. I live in Mansfield Ohio, about an hour from Columbus. I am 5’8 and 138lbs, have medium brown hair, blue eyes and wear glasses. I swim and compete in academic clubs at my school. I have acted before and love doing it. I did my first summer camp when I was 8 and have done a play every year since then. I was also in two plays at the big theater close by called the learner, this was in Indiana. I can also sing and were in musicals and in an ensemble for choir. Also for singing I was in a competition for judges and got a gold. I if lines are involved I will say anything or do anything that is needed. Please consider me for a part in the show. To contact me my email is chlorine.lover24@gmail.com.

  71. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/195cae208dcce37c9405024d5050afab6536354a92460e7f5274dbc972b56fd8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b18e65cc6a6211951d0b898cdb0492b0962f935909f238b199210985eebc1578.jpg

  72. Hi, my name is Sarah Clark and i would like to be considered for a role in ‘Supernatural’. I am 13(but i look a lot older) and 5’5 and I’m 115lbs. I have long brown hair thats straight and sometimes wavy(well when it wants to) I live in Cuba NY(It’s about 25 minutes away from Olean and a hour and a half from Buffalo) I have blue-green eyes with yellow in the middle, I play the viola and can sing pretty well.(to me i do) I do track, soccer, and i obviously like to act. i have taken multiple acting classes and have been in my school play for the past 3 years. I have played major roles in my school play. I hope you consider me for a role in Supernatural and if i dont fit in anything for that show then please consider me in another show. Thank you for this opportunity. My email is sarahcheetahs3@yahoo.com (i know its a weird email name i came up with it in my awkard stage of loving cheetahs)

  73. Hi, my name is Ariana Harris. I go by my first and middle names, Ariana Star. I live in New Hampshire. I am 13, 5’3, I have blonde hair that I dye red, and green eyes. My dream is to be in the entertainment industry. I love Supernatural because I can relate so much to the characters and I absolutely love the acting. It’s amazing. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles do such a great job of playing their characters. It feels very real. I would really love to be a part of the show, whether my role is big or small.

  74. Hi, my name is Jennifer Offenbergers. I live in Southeastern Ohio. I’m 18, 5ft, brown hair and eyes. I have been in a couple of theater plays. I fell in love with Supernatural because I can relate to the characters in some way. My email is disneyfreak540988@gmail.com

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