Sister Vengeance Actress for Lead Role

Sister Vengeance Actress for Lead Role
Movie Auditions – Columbia, SC

Are you looking for an acting audition?  Have you been waiting for the chance to star in a movie?  Your opportunity has arrived!  The revenge/arthouse thriller “Sister Vengeance” is searching for an actress for the lead role.  Casting directors are looking for a female ages 18 through 24 years old.  This is for a dual lead role of Deborah Anne and Deborah Lynne.  Filming will begin in December in Columbia, South Carolina. The pay is $50.00 per shoot day.  Video auditions are being accepted through the end of November. View the 2018 acting audition information below and apply!

About the Movie

It is directed by Christopher Bickel who produced and directed the critically-acclaimed existential horror film, The Theta Girl, which is now in world-wide release.

Key Details

Shoot Location: Columbia, SC

Shoot Dates: TBD in December 2018

Pay Rate: $50/day

Roles & Requirements

Films Colacitta is now seeking video auditions for the dual (LEAD) role of Deborah Anne/Deborah Lynn in the upcoming revenge/arthouse thriller, Sister Vengeance . The film will be shooting beginning in December.

Casting for female age 18-24.

Paid-$50 per shoot day/Non-union/Video submissions/Experience preferred but not required/Shooting begins in December in Columbia, SC.

If a grindhouse/arthouse movie featuring vengeful women violently destroying pimps and nazis, disco-diva fairy godmothers, cartoon rabbits, satanic orphanages, reform-school catfights, record store nerdery, terrible rappers, gay private investigators, perverted christians, and bad boyfriends getting their comeuppance sounds like your kind of a good time, you should try out for our team! Sides for auditions are included at the end of this post.

Instructions for Submission

Accepting submissions through the end of November.

Please email your video or video link to:


(“Deborah” is pronounced “De-Borah”)

DEBORAH LYNN walks toward a sun-bleached, slightly run-down rental office building. She holds the torn yellow-page ad in her hand. She passes by a parked, somewhat battle-scarred-looking BMW with a vanity plate that reads “RESULTS”.

She walks in and looks around. Sees “J W INVESTIGATIONS, INC – John Wayne – Private Investigator” stenciled on a glass door, and a man at a desk, working at a computer, beyond the half-closed blinds.
She walks in. He looks up.

JOHN WAYNE : The modeling agency is upstairs.
DEBORAH LYNN: Is this you?
She holds up the torn-out yellow page, with a portion circled in red ink.
JOHN WAYNE: That’s my ad. Did we have an appointment?
DEBORAH LYNN: I need you to help me find my sister.
Uninvited, she sits in a chair across from the desk.
JOHN WAYNE: Have a seat… A missing person’s case is 500 a day, plus expenses.
DEBORAH LYNN: 500 a day?
JOHN WAYNE: Plus expenses.

DEBORAH LYNN: I don’t have that kind of money, OK? I work in a record store.
JOHN WAYNE: Write a blues song about it, then. Have a nice day.
DEBORAH LYNN is exasperated and desperate. She pauses, unsure if she wants to cry, scream, or beg.
DEBORAH LYNN: What if we made a deal?… You could take it out in trade.
JOHN WAYNE: This isn’t a used car lot. What are you even talking about? Trade for what?


DEBORAH LYNN: I see. You’re not into white girls.
JOHN WAYNE: I’m not into… girls.
DEBORAH LYNN looks confused for a split second, raises an eyebrow flash of realization and gives JOHN WAYNE a knowing and accepting nod.
JOHN WAYNE: I’m so glad you approve.
DEBORAH LYNN: (Changing the awkward subject, and taking on a shit-testing tone) Is John Wayne your real name?
JOHN WAYNE: (First line under breath) Every damn day… If I was gonna use a fake name, you think I’d pick ‘John Freaking Wayne?’
DEBORAH LYNN: Aw! Did I touch a nerve?
JOHN WAYNE: Cool it, Julie.
DEBORAH LYNN: My name is Deborah.
JOHN WAYNE: You seem like a nice girl, “Deborah,” but let’s not waste each other’s time, OK? Thanks for stopping by.

DEBORAH’s desperation ratchets up.
DEBORAH LYNN: Listen… I’ll do whatever you want, OK? Clean your shitty office… Anything.
JOHN WAYNE: You must really miss your sister.
DEBORAH LYNN: She’s my twin. My other half. My heart. I’m dying without her. You can’t live without a heart.
JOHN WAYNE: Yeah. You can.

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