‘The Million Second Quiz’ Hosted By Ryan Seacrest – NBC

"The Million Second Quiz"
“The Million Second Quiz”

NBC is about to launch the biggest game show in the history of television and you could be a part of it! ‘The Million Second Quiz’ will be unlike anything ever seen and now people from all over the country can apply for open auditions and play at home for a chance to qualify for the live game hosted by the king of entertainers Ryan Seacrest in New York City. If you think you have what it takes to survive this trivia challenge you could walk away with $2 MILLION DOLLARS.

Submit yourself today for your shot at trivia glory and the incredible cash prize.


‘The Million Second Quiz’ will be part trivia challenge, part Survivor-esque endurance test, part Real World and all epic television. Four contestants will start off on the live show which will be played continually for 1 million seconds – that’s 11 straight days of intense head to head trivia battles in all areas of general knowledge. These four champions will live and compete in an hourglass structure that has been erected in the heart of Manhattan and will be filmed 24 hours a day while they earn $10 for every second that they remain in the champions “money chair”. What makes this contest a true wonder is that viewers at home can compete along with the game at home and once they reach 3,500 points in the online game they will be eligible to be chosen to be flown to the New York set for their shot at the big money and TV stardom! This is a game like no other ever and a chance like no other ever for people from around the country to become millionaires from their own living rooms. This is the game show audition opportunity of a lifetime – do you think you have what it takes to survive ‘The Million Second Quiz’?


Interested competitors can qualify for this incredible game show event today and throughout the 11 day event. To submit yourself for consideration and to play online you can head to the show’s official website here http://www.millionsecondquizcasting.com/ and you can fill out the game’s online application here http://www.millionsecondquizcasting.com/web/apply. We will post more audition updates as they are released by NBC so keep checking in right here and you can speak your mind below and tell us why you want to compete on the all new, cutting edge game show spectacular, ‘The Million Second Quiz’.

‘The Million Second Quiz’ is the first TV game show to be developed specifically for today’s technology based times. Ryan Seacrest and NBC want you to get have your chance at up to $2 MILLION DOLLARS so apply today!

4 thoughts on “‘The Million Second Quiz’ Hosted By Ryan Seacrest – NBC

  1. Hi,my name is Kenneth isichei.i live in Lagos, Nigeria. And I will like to be part of this game show if I am giving the chance to.I will be glad if I am responded to on my email.

  2. hiii… I am Sunny and i am very expert and extra ordinary in these adventures. If u give me a chance then i will show my best and you rearly like it. i promise…

  3. Hello
    My name is Daria Malevich.I live in Minsk,Belarus.I would be so pleased to be a part of it.Thanks.Please write on my email.
    Thanks for your time

  4. I would like a shot at trying to win. I have some knowledge on some stuff. So if I get a chance to be on the show I can show you what I know.

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