‘Gone Girl’ Starring Ben Affleck

"Gone Girl" Starring Ben Affleck
“Gone Girl” Starring Ben Affleck

There are few true auteur directors working in film today, directors that are followed as closely as the movie stars they cast and whose new releases are seen as cinema events, David Fincher is one of those artists and now his latest project is set to roll in front of cameras. ‘Gone Girl’ will be beginning it’s production soon and casting directors for the feature are on the lookout for performers of all ages to fill a number of potentially career making roles.

Actors can apply today for their shot at casting calls for this star-studded feature film.


Based on the best selling novel by Gillian Flynn, ‘Gone Girl’ tells the gripping story of the dysfunctional marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne and the events surrounding Amy’s mysterious disappearance. The audience is left in suspense as they wonder where Amy went, is she alive, will she ever return, and did Nick have anything to do with her being “Gone”. This incredible tale had millions of readers racing to turn each page and is sure to have even more film goers racing to the box office upon the movies release. Mr. Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club, Seven) has as per usual assembled a fantastically strong early cast that includes the talents of two time Academy Award winner Ben Affleck (Argo, Good Will Hunting, The Town), Rosamund Pike (Jack Reacher, Wrath of the Titans, Die Another Day), three time Primetime Emmy Award winner Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, The Smurfs, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) and entertainer extraordinaire Tyler Perry (Madea’s Family Reunion, Why Did I Get Married?, Alex Cross). With a creative team this strong it is easy to imagine this being one of the strongest films of the new year and an absolute must audition opportunity for aspiring performers. (‘Gone Girl’ IMDb Page)


Casting calls for the David Fincher feature ‘Gone Girl’ starring Ben Affleck will be starting soon and roles for supporting, day player, stand in and extra actors will be up for grabs. Interested performers can send emails here  gonegirlcasting@gmail.com or click go here www.actorsresourceguides.com/uploads/8/5/8/3/85838/gonegirlapplication.pdf for an online casting application for this exciting project.

David Fincher is back and he’s bringing a cavalcade of Hollywood talent with him. Apply today for your shot at working with one of the finest filmmakers of all time in ‘Gone Girl’.

16 thoughts on “‘Gone Girl’ Starring Ben Affleck

  1. Name: Natalie Hyde
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 115
    Eye Color: Blue/Green
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
    Location: Tennessee

    I am looking for a starting point on my acting career, and believed this would be a great start. I was a gymnast from the age of 2-14, and a dancer from the age of 4-present. I believe that i could bring alot to the show, im hardworking, determined, strongminded, and i work well with others. I’m very used to travelling alot and i am very friendly as well as serious when needed. I believe this would be an amazing learning opportunity!

    I hope to be in contact with you soon!

  2. Hello! I’m Dilki.I’m a 14 year old girl.I live in Sri Lanka.I have copper brown hair,tan skin and black eyes.I’d really like to act.It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do and the only I can do.I love acting and I’m also passionate about it.Acting brings me joy and all my life I’ve searched a way to just show to people how passionate I am about acting.And please consider giving my a chance.I’ll try not to let you down.
    If you consider me then please send me an email.Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Hi my name is Kimberly. I am 10 years old and live in Ma. I am jut starting out my career and have minor experience such as being on tv and performing plays. I am 4 foot 9. I play basketball and the clarinet. I speak 2 1/2 languages.
    contact me for more information

  4. Hi I’m Alana and I’m 11 years old I love acting and I’ve seen the trailer on tv and I would be so happy If I could be in it. The movie sounds amazing and I watch movies like this all the time. I very good acting as every one says I a little exaggerator and I act just in regular days. I don’t have any experience but if I got the chance I will promise you I will give it my all

  5. hello, im Amanda rusiti, and im 14 an turning 15 next year, I would love to be in this movie and i have brown eyes and brown hair and im from kosovo and norway, i can sing, act and dance, so please just give me a chance and i will not let you down

  6. Hello.
    My name is Mariam Ivardava(Iva),I’m still at school,but it’s my last year.

    The date of birth: september 30,1997

    I have brown eyes,brown hair,I look like older esspecially with make up.I’m a singer,I was a Georgian national dancer during 11 years.I’ve been in Italy,Greece and Turkey.Never been in Usa and it’s my dream to get there and become amazing actress and a singer,so hope someone will help me with this!…I can act,so if you will need me I’m here,thanks for waisting your time on me.

  7. Hey, I am Joshua Suggs of Memphis, TN. I am a nineteen year old aspiring actor that would love to audition for this awesome project. Being able to audition would be great because I love acting and working with all kinds of people. I would do my best, present a positive energy, and be encouraging.

    Thank you,
    Joshua Suggs

  8. hello David im Jake sheldon joe spooner from NZ. i live in queensland and have been doing drama for eight years and i thought that your awesome movie could be where i start my career from. i loved fight club and seven, and im sure i will do goood in this film as a supporting role. please let me join. i keep getting put down in most movie roles so i thought this role will start my career. ive been told by my drama troops actually that i look like ben affleck any way i would love to be on this movie so hola when you need me.

    Jake spooner
    p.s i have an and face book account is just you know Jake Spooner

  9. I Would Want To Become Part Of The Movie Gone Girl , All My Life I Wanted To Become An Actor i Am 13 Years Of Age Determined , Jamaican , 70 Pounds If You Pick Me To Audition I Will Never Let You Guys Down Never !!!

  10. Hello, my name is Emmanuel Alexander and I’ve taken an intense interest in this feature masterpiece of motion arts. I’m 15 yeas old, 5″8, green eyes, dark brow hair, tan skin. It would be an immense honour to work with such talented cast of one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. I don’t mind being an extra at all, as long as I get a small glimpse of the feeling of being in a set, that’s simply what I’m aspiring for now as I’m only 15 years old. I am an incredibly emotional person, which works to my advantage in performing arts. Thank you!

  11. Hello, My name is Tatjana Sculija and though i am a novice actress i would love to work on this nail bitter motion picture also i promise to deliver on my performance as i know acting is about reacting,research and rehearsal. I hope you give me consideration. Thank you,

  12. I would love to be an actress in this movie. I’m 19 I will be 20 in December. I’m very serious about wanting to take part in this movie. I’m taking acting classes soon. I’m 5’7″. I weigh around 160 pounds. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I read about Gone Girl and I’m very interested in taking part in this movie. I don’t mind being an extra. I have always wanted to be an actress being an actress is my dream and I’d like an apportunity to make my dream come true.

  13. Stats
    I am taking on the responsibility as a plus size woman to show the entire world that just because a woman has a larger body structure than the currently favored straight sized models does not mean that she can not be as glamorous and successful as the models and actresses with smaller frames. Through each role i play in my journey either as a model, single mother, actess or business owner I want to show other plus size women young and wise that just because you maybe suffering from diabeties or high blood pressure does not mean that you cant change your life around and runway with the success of your biggest dreams what ever they maybe. I want the plus size community to recognize that although you may have your own insecurities doesnt mean that the rest of the world isnt going to embrace them as beauty.

  14. I would like to be an actor in the movie. I am eighteen and it would be an honor to work with Ben Affleck. I feel that this movie would help me jump start my career as an actor. plus I would be looking forward to being a part of the movie if given the chance.

  15. Wanting to know more about casting for the movie GONE GIRL. Please email me if you are looking for kids the ages 4 or 9. My daughter just played a role in the movie “From The Ashes” & we heard about the filming in Cape. We live close, & will drive. Thanks Heather

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