FX’s “Atlanta” Looking for Several Roles

FX's “Atlanta” Looking for Several Roles

Casting Call for Several Roles for the FX TV Show Pilot “Atlanta”

The FX Network has ordered the Donald Glover comedy Pilot called, “Atlanta”. Casting directors are looking to fill a lot of roles for the upcoming shoot. Some of the background actor role they are seeking are for Upscale African American Guests, Valets, Bartenders, Wait Staff, Chefs, Basketball Players, Kids, Teens and More!

About the Show

The show stars Donald Glover (Community). According to Deadline, “Atlanta revolves around two cousins on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene whose opposing views on art versus commerce, success and race will make their quest anything but easy. Glover will play “Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks,” a college drop-out who reconnects with his long buried ambition and sets out to seize the life he imagined for himself when his estranged cousin becomes a sudden star”.


  • Shoot Location: Atlanta or Alpharetta, GA
  • Pay Rate: $64.00/8 (some roles pay more, see specified higher pay rates for certain roles below)
  • Shoot Dates: All shoot dates are below, if a role is a multi-day booking, you must be available for all of the shoot days

Requirements for Application

Ties for guys and curls for the girls. Seeking African American men and women of all shapes, sizes for an upscale, fancy party for THREE or FOUR NIGHTS STRAIGHT! Must be legally over 18 years of age for this party! You should submit photos of you in upscale clothing. Must be prepared to party into the wee hours of the morning.
Works on April 12th–15th (4 Days)
Please specify which dates you are avaiable.
Will be filming in ALPHARETTA

Have an Ace up your sleeve or are you the King of Hearts? Seeking an African American Male age 20s-40s that can learn card tricks really quickly. Please list any experience you have with decks and magic in your submission.
Works on Friday, April 8th
Will be filming in ATLANTA
Subject: ACES

Are you fast on your feet and comfortable with a customer’s Cadillac keys? Seeking a couple of guys to portray valets. Should be able to drive short distances safely.
Will be filming in ALPHARETTA
Works on Tuesday, April 12th
Subject: VALET

Got a nice ride you want to show off? Some great wheels the world needs to see? Looking for some great upscale cars! Lexus, BMW…you know the types. Some nice rims on those cars too wouldn’t hurt, but not necessary. Please include a photo of your car in your submission along with the year, color, make and model.
Will be filming in ALPHARETTA. +$25 Car Bump
Works on Tuesday, April 12th

Warm up your chops and gargle with salt water. Do-Re-Mi book you for next week? Send us your experience and video (or link to video) of you singing. We can hire you solo, duo, trio or as a full quartet. We are all ears!
Will be filming in ALPHARETTA. Rate 125/8 per day, per person.
Works on April 12th–15th
Subject: QUARTET

Just a sprig, shot and slice to make things look and taste nice. Ahh, thank you bartender! Seeking a bartender with real-life experience. Must include specific schooling and/or locations along with the durations in your submission.
Will be filming in ALPHARETTA
Works on April 13th–15th

If you have worked as a waiter or waitress, have we got a tip for you – submit for this one! Seeking male and female servers with real-life serving experience in a restaurant. Please list when and for how long you have worked as a server in your submission.
Will film in ALPHARETTA
Works on April 13th–15th
Subject: NAPKIN

The flat top is hot, but do you have the skills for the grills? Seeking chefs with real-life experience! Set down that chopping knife and send us your experience and longevity working as a chef in your submission – we will supply the hat!
Will film in ALPHARETTA
Works on April 13th–15th

Seeking five men to portray a group of guys playing a friendly game of basketball. Any ethnicity between the ages of 18-40 years. Could be any age, size, color.. etc. Please list your skill level in your submission. (high school, college, weekly YMCA…)
Will film in the ATLANTA area
Works on Monday, April 18th

Seeking an African American or Philipino female in her 30s. Should be beautiful, fit and have a very confident attitude.
Will film in the ATLANTA area
Works on Monday, April 18th
Subject: T QUEEN

Seeking a couple of African American male kids ages 10-15yrs old. Should have great facial expressions and able to react on cue.
Works on Monday, April 11th
Will film in the ATLANTA Area
Subject: GAWKERS
Rate: $120/8

Chips, dip, pocorn, peanuts, candy, pretzels, your favorite blanket and a diet soda! What more does a man like you need in life? Seeking a couple of African American males late ages 20’s to early 30’s to portray couch potatoes.
Will film in ALPHARETTA
Works on Friday, April 8th
Subject: POTATO

How To Apply

If you fit one or more of the roles above and you would like to be considered, you should
email the casting team with three recent, well-lit photos of yourself along with your name, age, height, weight and current phone number to ATLCast2016@gmail.com. Make sure to use the correct subject for your email to increase your chances of being selected. Double check that all of the requested information is in your application email before you send it.

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