Feature Film “Freak on a Moped” Actors

Feature Film Freak on a Moped Actors

Auditions for Feature Film “Freak on a Moped” in South Carolina

The new low budged B Horror feature film “Freak on a Moped” is holding auditions for the film. It will be shooting at locations in and around Greenville, Easley, and Anderson, South Carolina. Foam Productions are looking for actors to fill several supporting and extra roles in the film.  Filming is set to begin July 22 and will run for the next 4 weekends. This is a total of 10-12 days of shooting. Many scenes will be shot at night so be prepared for some late nights. This includes Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This is going to be an awesome and fun experience.

Key Details

Shoot Dates: Begins 7/22 and runs for the following 4 weekends. Total of 10-12 Days. Days include Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Shoot Locations: Greenville, Easley and Anderson, SC
Times: Many scenes will be shot at night, so you must be open to shooting some late nights
Availability: It is very important that if you are cast, that you will show up when you are needed and that you are available even if we need you last minute.

Requirements for Application


TERRI WENDELL – Female. 20’s to early 30’s. Cute, cynical and a little on the bitchy side. Friend to Jenna and Wendy and victim of the Freak.

Supporting ROLES:

DANIEL GRAYSON – Male. 30-35. Distinguished looking. Well-to-do appearing and proper. Devoted husband and father.

DENISE GRAYSON – Female. 30-35. High society looking wife to Daniel. Devoted wife and mother.

WENDY ROLAND – Female. Early 20’s-early 30’s. Somewhat of a sassy bad girl. Friedn to Jenna and Terri and victim of Freak.

FRANK – Male. 40’s-60’s. Likes to come across as a bad guy but is a teddy bear at heart. Owner of the diner where Jennam Terri and Wendy work.
EDWARD LONG – Male. 40’s-60’s. A lifetime newspaper man. Self-assured but unorganized and disheveled.


DINER PATRONS – Various ages and genders.
As this is a low budget film, they can offer only a copy of the finished product, Imdb credit, and meals while on set. There will also be snacks for you throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and credits in a feature film that will be aggressively promoted on the film festival and independent movie house circuit.

Submission & Audition Instructions

Auditions will be held at two locations:

The first auditions will be Friday the 22nd in Easley from 7pm-9pm at the Foothills Playhouse in Easley. This is located at 201 S. 5th Street. Easley, SC 29640. Please Park behind building and we will have signs directing you to the audition room.

Then the second audition will be Sunday 24th in Anderson and will be held at Dead Horse Productions from 5-7pm. This is located at 601 N Fant St Anderson, SC 29621.

Please email a couple of headshots, your resume to freakonamopedproduction@gmail.com and what part or parts you are interested in. Also please include which location you plan to audition at. Submissions are due by April the 21st! Please fit the description for the role(s) you want to audition for. You will be given a section of script via email or at location to prepare for your audition.

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