Casting calls for Disney Channel’s ‘Girl Meets World’



Disney Channel is casting multiple roles for their well known show, ‘Girl Meets World”

The Disney Channel has ordered thirty episodes for season 3 of Girl Meets World and now auditions are being set up for guest stars, stand-ins, and recurring roles by the Casting Society of America Artios.

Roles Required

  • Recurring characters
  • Starring and supporting cast
  • Extras

About the show

Disney’s, “Girl Meets World” is a modern spin-off of the classic show,“Boy Meets World”.  The show focused on Cory Mathews and his relationship with Topanga Lawrence, which eventually ended in their marriage in the season finale. “Girl Meets World” is set many years after their marriage. The lead character of the show is Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley.  The show follows Riley and her best friend Maya Hart and how they deal with the challenges of life and of school.

  • Creators and writers: Michael Jacobs and April Kelly
  • Executive Producers: Michael Jacobs, Mark Blutman, Frank Pace, Jeff Menelll and Mathew Nelson
  • Production Companies: It’s a Laugh Productions and Michael Jacobs Productions
  • Expected Premiere: Spring 2016

Casting Calls for Teenagers and Preteens Extras

The casting crew requires preteens and teenagers who are skilled and confident  enough to play extras in ‘Girl Meets World’. Interested applicants may send their details to the following address:

Kids! Management

207 S Flower Street

Burbank, CA 91502

Registration Info: (661)224-4621

  • Casting Calls for Adults 18+ Extras

The casting directors require talented and confident adults (over 18 years of age) to fill available roles for extras in the 3rd season of the popular TV show. If you are over 18 and want to apply for an open role, then you should send your details to the following address:

Jeffery M. Paal

Central Casting

220 S. Flower Street

Burbank, CA 91502

Registration Info: (818)562-2755

In order to be considered for a role in the show (acting role or extra), you must have legal permission to work on Television shows in Los Angeles. You should not send multiple mails or emails to the producers or producing companies as they will be discarded.  This is a great opportunity to work on well known show for Disney.  You will meet people that know their way around the industry, and they can teach you how to be successful.

36 thoughts on “Casting calls for Disney Channel’s ‘Girl Meets World’

  1. hi I love this show and I am looking for an opportunity and this would be a great one I love dancing and singing and I think this would be great as I am confident, loud and sassy and have been in loads of musicals such as hairspray and legally blonde and much more. If you could take a chance on me you will not regret it .it has been my passion to be an actor I live in the UK but I am willing to travel all over the world for my dream.
    name-Ariana Ahmed
    hair-long, dark brown, wavy (when natural)
    height-about 5ft
    D.O.B-28th June 2005
    nationality-British Pakistani
    skin colour (race)-brown

  2. Diamond Benjamin
    Age: 14 (15 on Jan. 14)
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown

    Hello Disney, we have been searching for new roles for a few years now and I believe that this would be the one! I am a great actor, singer, model and I look older than my age. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Full Name:Emma Hastings Ross
    Known as:Emma
    Eye colour:Blue
    Hair Colour:Blonde
    Birthday:january 2.2002
    Height:NO IDEA !
    Born at:LA,California,Grann,Hospidal USA
    Favorite Celebrity:Laura Marano
    Favorite Songs:Boombox by Laura Marano,22 by Taylor Swift,Great Escape by Martina Stoessel,Smoke and Fire by Sabrina Carpenter,Hello By Adele,When We Were young by adele,3 By Britney Jean Spears,Magic By Selena Gomez…

  4. Name:Linda
    Languages:English Spanish arabic
    I am a big fan of girl meets world it would be my pleasure to get a part in this series and I am confident not shy at all got a great sense of humor I have watched all episodes of girl meets world thank you.

  5. Name:Linda ehab aljammal
    Languages:Spanish English arabic
    I am a really big fan I love acting I am confident and not shy at all it would be wonderful if I get a part in girl meets world, thank you.
    Regards Linda aljammal

  6. Hello my name is Kristen Bishop , I’m from Kentucky . I’m a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl with kinda long brown hair and green eyes . I’m also 5’7 and I also love to have fun and make others laugh. I would love to audition but can’t go to audition place but I know there is a 1 in a million chance of becoming an extra or re-occurring character but it would be amazing to be just an extra for a amazing show ! Girl meets world is a really cool show and it’s even better cause I have older brothers and sisters who watched boy meets world . I’m not too experienced at acting other than just a few Plays but I would love to take the challenge on doing more .

    1. Hi! so this comment is from a long time ago so I'm not even sure wether you will see this but your situation sounds a lot like how mine is right now and I was just wondering how you got on. Have you done any acting roles? I'm starting to lose hope honestly s I can never go to audition place. Please email me at

  7. I’m a 16 years old girl and I’m usually mistaken to be older . I’m from Kentucky and I have kinda long brown hair and green eyes . I’m 5’7 and a half and would love to just be apart of something as great as girl meets world , even as a extra . I take pride in everything I do and I would love to take on the challenge of being a actor .

  8. name: patricia madera
    location: LA, california
    age: 12
    hair color: brown
    height: 5’4
    languages: Spanish and English
    Eyes: brown

  9. Hello, my name is Tichele Sanders I am 5’7 1/2 my twin sister, Sidrina Sanders is 5’6 and we are both two lesbian females. We have seen the show and really admire the quality! We are 14 year old freshman’s who live in Sacramento CA. We have seen the series of tweets Rowan Blanchard has posted about Riley Matthews exploring her sexuality on the show. We also seen how Sabrina Carpenter agreed with her idea. Since me and my sister are both lesbian females we think that we could make a plot twist to Riley and Maya’s “Lucas feelings” and make them question there sexualities over us. We have been looking for an audition for Disney for a while and this seems like a perfect opportunity. Any feedback will be great thank you very much!

  10. I love girl meetsworld and would love to meet the stars who play it all I would love to play a role next to Peyton Myer Rowan Blanchard Sabrina carpenter Cory folgamast Ben savage and Danielle Fisher my uncle was a big fan of boy meets world and I’m an even bigger fan of girl meets world I’m a really big fan of girl meets world and I hope to be abletobe a part of the show I will mail you asap

  11. My Name is Lealy Glasband! I’m 12 years old but if you saw me in person you would think i was in high school! i’m female. I live in Georgia, But i’m open to traveling anywhere! My height is 5,3 1/2 so i am taller for my age! Any roles are great! I have Light Brown hair with blonde highlights. I love acting and Girl Meets World!

  12. I’ve been in 2 plays and I love it! I’m 14 and I’m from around where Sabrina carpenter is from. I would love to be on the show even if I’m just an extra. The experience would be great and help lots! I feel like me age would fit well in the group.

  13. Hey my name is ashlyn and my dream has been to sing and act. I would really love if i got a part in disney channel i have dark brown hair and light brown eyes 5″1. I really hope to hear from you guys!

  14. Name: Aminata(Ami) Diatta
    Nationality: American/ West African
    Skin: light brown
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: Puffy/ curly and short brown
    Hello. I am with an agency in Denver called Donna Baldwin Agency. I have auditioned with Disney before and have been in two commercials. I have never seen Girl Meets World but I would love to be in Disney one day.

  15. Hello, my name is Olivia Pillsworth.
    I am 19 years old.
    I am 5″3. Many say I look 15.
    I have brown hair and brown eyes.
    My nationality is Hispanic.
    I have done many musical productions. Acting is something that I love and I would love to be able to do it for the rest of my life. Girl Meets world is a show that sends a fantastic message out to every young kid. I wish I had been told all these lessons before I went through them. This show is amazing and will really shape our world and I’d love to be apart of that.

  16. My name is Anthony Amador I’m 15 and would love to be in your show I’m funny and helpful and nice and like to have fun doing pranks to have an adventure with you people I want to be in your world

  17. Hi my name is Jasmine Britting and I really want to be an actress…it would be a dream come true.

    Full name: Jasmine Nicole Britting

    Gender: female

    Age:11 ( in 1 month I will be 12 )

    Height: 4’9

    Country: U.S.A

    Hair: dark brown, about 7 1/2 inches below my Sholders

    Eyes: brown

    It would mean everything to me if I could act… 🙂

  18. Hello! My name is Brianna Markarian and I am an aspired actress. I would absolutely love to be an extra in Girl Meets World. I believe it would be an awesome experience and I could learn a lot.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Shoulder length and light brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Personality: Bubbly
    Hobby: Acting and writing
    I live in Los Angeles.
    Thank you for considering me, and I hope to see you very soon!

  19. Name: Holly Harris
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 165
    Country: England
    Skin: Pale/White
    Eyes: light brown/green
    Hair: Brown

  20. Hello,
    My name is Laura Skibbild Christensen. I am an 13 year old danish-cuban actress. I’ve been acting since the age of eight, and would love to be apart of Girl Meets World. I have been following the show since it’s release. I’ve as well watched some of the seasons of Boy Meets World, and I really enjoy it, and it would be a dream coming true getting to be apart of the brilliance that is Girl Meets World.

    Further Information About Me:

    Full Name: Laura-Nilda Skibbild Mena Neyra Christensen
    Age: 13 years old
    Nationality: Danis-Cuban
    Residence: Denmark (but I’m willing to travel around)
    Ethnicity/race: Latin-american, afro-latina, native american, caucasian (I don’t identify with one specific race, and can therefore play various different roles.)
    Hair color/length: Shoulder length, dark brown, curly hair, (would be considered black by some, but I’m willing to color it any color the role should require)
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Skin color: Light brown or deep tan (depends on the season)
    Height: 5.2 ft
    Weight: 110 pounds

  21. Hi, my name is Ethan Lawson. I am 15 years old I will be turning 16 in September 15th. I have taken acting classes and it’s always been a dream for me to be a Disney star. I went to a Disney acting camp before called NYFA. I would love to play a character that would appear in more episodes. Anyways if you’d like to contact me for more info my email is or you can text or call me at 813-245-0785 (prefer text but call is fine)
    I am also a YouTuber and streamer on Twitch

    Thank you for your time, Ethan Lawson

  22. My name is Laura Eastmure I am 15 years old (turning 16 in September 30th) I’ve been acting and dancing since I was 13 and I wish I have started earlier. I have long blonde hair, I am 160cm (able to walk in heels of needed) and i am able to wear contacts, my skin colour is white. I go to Loreto College Ballarat and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. To be an extra would be a fantastic experience for me and would benefit me in my future preforming career. If you have anymore questions about me you can look me up on StarNow: Laura Eastmure

  23. I would be part of the show Girl Meets World that show is funny and amazing i would love o be acting in it, I experienced in acting and know how sing and dance and I want to try acting please give me a chance to prove myself

    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    skin color: tan
    hair color: black
    eye color: brown
    height : 5’8

  24. I would like to experience being on a Disney show and eventually ( hopefully ) work my way to the top like many previous stars. I have brown eyes and black hair. My height is 5″2.5 and I have little acting experience but I feel this would be a great way to jumpstart a career

  25. NAME: Matilda Cosentino
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 16
    HEIGHT: 1.70 cm
    COUNTRY: Italy
    SKIN: white
    EYES: grey/green
    HAIR: dark blonde
    EXTRA CURRICULAR: I speak Italian, English and French. I’m a cylist infact I attented the mountain bike’s Italian Cup, but I’m also a runner. I can play the guitar and the trumpet. I’ve been acting in the theater of my city since 2012, for example I did the “Don Giovanni”, I was Donna Elvira. In 2014 I partecipated The Avengers-Age of Ultron and you can see me in the film. Anyway I think I’m not so special, but when I act I feel something inside me and it makes me happy and strong, I’ve always dreamed to become an actress and I think it’s the time to make my dream true.
    Thanks for the attention.

  26. Hi my name is Brandon a.k,a known as Base by alot of my friends I am South African I know it is easier to cast people around America but i pray and hope you will contact me for anything that is linked to acting. I had an opportunity this year for Ipop Africa auditions by oliver muller but unfortunately I could not make it because of my faulty father.
    Name:Brandon Tyron
    Surname: Mokwebo Coetzee
    Age: 15 (16 in november)
    height : I have no idea LOL!
    Race: coloured (light in complexion) and I am short.

    Thank you
    yours truly
    Brandon Coetzee

  27. Hello, my name is Masha Volkova
    I’m 14 years old (born 2001)
    I have brown hair (dyed a bit blonde)
    I have brown eyes
    I’m 165 cm
    I speak English, Russian and bit of German

    I really love acting but I don’t have much of experience in action on tv. I used to play in school theatre for 5 years. I used to dance and I am doing gymnastics.

  28. Age:13(sometimes mistaken to be older)
    Hair colour: black
    Hey there.So I’m very passionate about acting and I’ve done may plays and musicals.I’ve been acting since I was 6 and have got many awards and certificates but now I’m planning make my passion into a career and for that I need to be recognized.It would be wonderful if you considered me. Thanks.

  29. Name: Jayla Bijkerk
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (sometimes mistaken for older)
    Birth date: 14th January 2002
    Nationality: Australian-Dutch
    Hair: dark brown with blonde highlights. (Natural)
    Eyes: Green-Blue
    I live in Australia. I have not done any Ad’s, TV shows or Movies. However, i am very interested in being on Girl Meets World. I am a fan of the show and the main cast. Over the past few years I have done term and holiday courses at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) in Sydney, Australia. I was involved in 1 production at NIDA a few years ago. I would love to be apart of the cast of GMW. I love acting, I have been since I was 8-9 years old. I believe my strengths are being able to become my character, emotions and all. This would be an amazing experience.

    Please contact me on the email given.

  30. Hello, my name is Rebecca
    I’m 15 years old (born 2001)
    I have blonde hair (dyed)
    I have green/brown eyes
    I’m 173 cm
    I speak english and swedish

    I can’t go on the audition because I live in Sweden but I would love to audtion for girl meets world. I have watched boy meets world and girl meets world and I love both of the shows. I have performed in front of a live audience before twice.

  31. I want to audition but I can’t go to audition place.

    full Name: Robert Micho O. Dela Cruz
    Gender: female
    Age: 14(15 on august 16)
    Nationality: philipine
    Hair: dark brown, medium length
    Eyes:dark brown.
    I really want to be an Actor.. :'(

  32. I have been in 9 musicals and I love acting and singing and I love this show I love how maya and Riley connect to each other

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