Auditions for ‘Scream’ TV Series – MTV

Auditions for 'Scream' TV Series
Auditions for ‘Scream’ TV Series

Taking a cue from the phenomenal success of their Teen Wolf TV reboot, MTV has set their sights on yet another rich (and even more beloved) movie franchise to introduce to a new audience in an all new way and that franchise is ‘Scream’. Auditions for this fresh take on the classic horror film series are taking place now for a number of roles for actors of all types and submissions are being accepted today. The next television sensation is here and so is your shot at landing a spot in it.

MTV has found it’s next worldwide sensation. Apply today for a chance to be a part of this fright filled favorite. 


‘Scream’ is set in a new town of Lakewood, where the peaceful lives of it’s citizens are changed forever when a horrific video of two teens is uploaded online and exposes not only current terror affecting the town but the city’s dark and chilling history. The cast of MTV’s latest genre hit is one of the most gifted and diverse in their long and storied history and includes Carlson Young (Big Time Rush, Key and Peele, The Night Is Young), Willa Fitzgerald (The Novice, Gotham, Royal Pains), Bex Taylor-Klaus (The Last Witch Hunter, The Killing, The Librarians), Connor Weil (McFarland, USA, Sharknado, A.N.T. Farm), John Karna (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Neighbors, Modern Family), Amadeus Serafini (Smoke), Bobby Campo (Justified, Seance: The Summoning, The Final Destination), Tom Maden (Parenthood, General Education, Switched at Birth) and Jason Wiles (Higher Learning, Beverly Hills, 90210, Kicking and Screaming). (Click here for the official ‘Scream’ page on IMDb).


Auditions for this chilling new incarnation of a legendary horror franchise are happening now and the producers and casting directors of this project are accepting submissions today from performers of all types, looks and ages today. Actors can apply now for open roles by email to Be sure to keep checking in to this post as all casting call updates will be published as soon as they are released and feel free to Speak Your Mind about this production below and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to be a part of future auditions for MTV’s ‘Scream’.

15 thoughts on “Auditions for ‘Scream’ TV Series – MTV

  1. My name is Sydney and I’ve always loved scream as a movie franchise and I adore the television adaption I think it’s very well done and would love to be a part of the show if at all possible. I would be interested in any role in the show even a background or very small role.

    I was born in the Caribbean and am now living in the US (NYC)

    I am 5’2 with green eyes and short dark brown hair (would dye if necessary) and am of a petite build.

    I have a solid background in theatre and performing arts and have been dancing and acting since I was very young.

    I am 19 years old and have always wanted to get into acting in film and television and this would be an amazing start!

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Hello, my name is Chloe. I’m a 16 years old female. I have brown hair with a blonde ombre and a full fringe. My eyes are brown and I am from England. I am a huge fan of the show and i would love to be a part of it. I’m really hopeful of a season 3 and am very available for filming. Thankyou.

  3. I loved all the Scream movies, and I really enjoyed Season 1 of the series. Really, great job, I gave it 5 stars on Netflix. I highly doubt that I’m gonna get an audition for Season 2/at all, but Hello. I’m Caleb, turning 19 in November 2016. I love to act, sing, rap, dance, drum, etc., all that; basically art. Been in a lot of performances for different things throughout my life and nervousness has never been an issue. I’m into Art and Creating things for good entertainment and I happen to have the ability to act and show any emotion you need. Like I’ve said, loved the movies and the first Season, so if you need me, I guess you could just email me. Thanks.

  4. My name is Ross Matsel, I am a 5′ 9″ male with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. I am from Indiana and am a huge fan of the series and would absolutely love to be a part of such an amazing show.

  5. Hello my name is Fabian Rojasi am 15 and I would love to be apart of the MTV Series Scream. I love acting and love all of the scream movies and love even more the series. I hope I can make it to chase my dream of acting

  6. how do I get in this tv show I’m 21 im good looking I’m 6’2 and I have a baby face id fit right in

  7. my name is Richard. I’m 6’2 , 21 years old if only I looked 21 ihave a baby face im good looking lol I get it from my mother an I would freaking love to be apart of what you guys have created. I couldn’t think of anything else id rather do, I always wanted to be an actor but never done anything about it but as soon as I seen this tv show I had to try even if this don’t work out ill keep trying like this bad ass an I would lovee it an give my best besides all that you guys are awesome thank you for making this tv show I love it

  8. I’m Yuval Harary and I’m 16 (Male) I saw this audition ad and I thought It’d be a perfect opportunity to be a part of the show I love so much.
    I just love the movies, and the show just got me fan-girling haha. I LOVE the show, I binged watched season one in about two/three days after my friend recommended it to me. It would be such an honor to be a part of it. I

    I’m funny and outgoing and I’m a people-person. I play guitar (for about 8 years now), martial arts is a big part of my life, I love to make people laugh, also. Acting is something that comes naturally. I haven’t really taken classes, but I’ve been told by many, many people I act really well. Like, I’ve done videos for school before, just fun videos with my friends, impersonations, faking phone calls (to get away from friends I didn’t have the guts (guts… scream… haha.. jokes..) to say I didn’t want to hang out), etc.
    I’ve got a lot of confidence. I love speaking out in front of my classes. I present things in class and crack improvisational jokes here and there and make the class laugh.
    I’m so enthusiastic about doing something I love and I really strongly feel like I would LOVE being on this show. No, I KNOW I’d love being on the show!
    I’ve also been practicing some lines from the show and made it kind of my own just for fun because I thought It’d be cool.
    I’m also very responsible and very mature for my age.
    I LOVE horror movies, I’ve watched so many slashers and I’m pretty sure I’ve grasped the “dumb teen in a slasher movie” thing. I got the right attitude and everything for it!
    I could send you an audition tape, maybe? Send me a script or tell me what to do and I’m on it 🙂
    I so hope I get a call (or email) back, I love this show and It’d mean the world if I could be a part of it!

  9. Hi I would really want to audition for this TV Please give me the chance I really want to audition when I saw the first season I fell in love with this show I feel like I can act it out perfect I’m 17 years old and my height is 5’8 my hair color is black and my eye color is brown, my skin color is tan but light like caramel I can sing play instruments and act please let me show you what I can do

  10. Hello, my name is Rebecca.
    I’m 15 years old (born 2001),
    I have blonde hair (dyed)
    green/brown eyes
    My height is 5 feet and 8 inches (173cm)
    I am from Sweden

  11. Hello and my name is… Maya Joy! I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. i don’t really get what i’m suppose to be telling you about me. All that I can tell you is that I am a very dramatic person. My family tells me that a lot and having me on your show would be a big improvement! i am also an honor roll student and i am very athletic and i am a gymnast. If you want to know a little bite more about me you all have my email an about me, and contact me at any time. i just don’t feel comfortable about putting personal information on a public website.
    thank a billion,
    Maya Joy

  12. My name is Sumaiyah, I was born in South Africa where I am still living. I was born on the 15th of September 1999 making me 15 years old today turning 16 in about 3 months time.

    Watching the trailer makes me very excited for the show to start. I can already tell I will be addicted because I love anything that has to do with horror and I love being scared.

    I would like to be part of future auditions for MTV’s ‘Scream’ because I love acting and the idea of portraying different characters intrigues me, and like I said before I love horror.
    I do not have much experience in acting besides being presenters and characters in school plays.

  13. Hahaha, i actually hated of the horror movie. But i just want to try this movie, because i want to disappear my fear of ghost and blood. When i was 5 years old, i like to act in front of mirror or maybe i always speak with my pillow bfre go to sleep hahaah. That’s weird. But just that i can show my act’s talent. If you give me auditions, i won’t disappoint you. I swear i’ll show my best talent, cause i wanna proud my family who always give me what i want to. Now i have brown eyes, black hair white skin. And then my weight’s 52 kg and then my height’s 159 cm. yeah, my name’s lifia i’m 15 okey thanks.

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