Auditions for ‘Nashville’ on ABC

Nashville ABC AuditionDo you want to be cast in a small role in the latest episode of ‘Nashville’? The show has been a remarkable success and the latest episode has a scene, where the directors need background actors for an upscale wedding. They will have to be the guests and the extras casting directors of the show are currently looking for ‘Fresh faces’, which are extras and haven’t appeared on the show before. If you are interested, you may send in your submissions after checking out the details below.

ABC’s country music drama “Nashville” is having a wedding and is casting talent to attend the wedding (in a scene) in Nashville, Tennessee.

About the show

The latest season of ‘Nashville’, which is season 4 will now be airing on ABC and the new episodes are being filmed in Nashville, Tennessee. The current season 4 of the country music drama, which premiered only a few months ago currently airs only on Wednesday nights. This is a music oriented drama, which focuses on the lives of 2 country superstars, Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton.

Connie plays the character of Rayna James, who is an iconic country star, who is finding out the difficulties of holding on to the top spot in the industry after the age of 40. Hayden plays the character of Juliette Barnes, who is a young sexy rising start in the industry. The show basically focuses on the rivalry that is between both these country singers, which intensifies when Rayna is told that she is going on tour to be the opening act for teen sensation Juliette Barnes.

The other characters in the show are the talented and beautiful songwriter, Scarlett O’Connor, up-and-coming musician Gunnar Scott, country music star Will Lexington, and Deacon Clayboune, a guitar player who is close with Rayna. According to recent news, Juliette Barnes is currently missing from the new episodes, whilst Panettiere has taken medical leave and is getting treated for postpartum depression.

The coincidence lies in the fact that her character, Juliette, is also battling the same condition in the previous episode. The episode last week will be the last time that she will be seen and the network has said that she will only be absent temporarily.

So are you interested?

The show is currently considering local talent, so you should apply to audition for the roles if you are living in Nashville or in the surrounding areas. New faces who haven’t broken into the industry or who haven’t featured this season can audition. The show requires a crowd of 100+ people in scenes, while there is also no Call Time, which means that you will have to be available to work 100% on the work dates. Stay tuned for more info.

The pay rate for the EXTRAS is $64.00 for around 8 hours ($8.00/hours with an 8 hour guarantee). You will be compensation with overtime if the shooting exceeds 8 hours. After completing the shooting, you will get a check by mail 10 to 14 days after completion.

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