American Crime Story Versace – FX

American Crime Story Versace - FX
TV Show Casting Call for Extras

American Crime Story is back! This time the series will take us on the journey of what happened to legendary designer Versace. An FX TV show casting call is looking for models and actors to be extras. There are a ton of available roles you can apply for! Casting directors are on the search for men and women ages 18 and older. The team needs people to portray pedestrians with upscale cars, neighbors, teens of neighbors, TV cameramen and print journalists. Because this show is recreating the 1990’s, you must be able to pull off the look of the era.

Filming is in Chicago, Illinois. Talent will be needed to shoot on Friday, September 29th. This is for the third episode of season 3 of the series. It made waves and a lot of buzz with the award winning season of “The People VS OJ Simpson”. If you are interested in being considered, sign up for the television casting call today!

About the Show

“Ricky Martin will co-star opposite Édgar Rarmirez, Penélope Cruz and Darren Criss in Versace: American Crime Story. The 10-episode Versace examines the shocking July 1997 assassination of Gianni Versace (Ramirez) on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion by sociopath and serial killer Andrew Cunanan (Criss). Martin will play Versace’s longtime partner Antonio D’Amico; Cruz plays Versace’s sister Donatella”. [Deadline]

Key Details

Shoot Location: Chicago, IL

Shoot Date: 9/29/17

Pay Rate: $88/8

Roles & Requirements

Seeking the following roles:

PEDESTRIANS W/UPSCALE CARS – Years 1997 and Earlier – RATE: $88/8 + $50 CAR BUMP
Male or Female, Any Ethnicity, 18+, Include photo of car and YEAR COLOR MAKE MODEL, Cars must be in very good condition with little or no damage.

Male, Caucasian, 35 – 80 y/o, Affluent, old money types

Male or Female, Any Ethnicity, 18 To Look Younger, Trust fund kids
MALE SIZES: Shirt XS – M, Waist 28 – 32
FEMALE SIZES: Shirt S – M, Waist 24 -26, Pants 0 – 4

Female, Caucasian, 30 – 40 y/o, Polished looks, Specifically seeking women with shoulder length hair or shorter, and bangs.

Male, Any Ethnicity, 35 – 50 y/o, Must be able to hold the weight of a real camera on your shoulder, Please indicate if you have real camera experience.

Male or Female, Any Ethnicity, 20 – 60 y/o, Professional but a little haggard

NOTE: This is a period piece taking place in 1997. We are seeking those with HAIR AND STYLE reflecting that time. Looking for lovely ladies with bangs, layers, bobs, Princess Diana cut, etc. The men should be clean shaven (mustache okay, no beards).

Wardrobe will be fitting many of these roles and has limited stock. You must fit within their range of sizes to be considered.
GENERAL SIZES FOR MALES: Neck 15.5 – 17, Waist 32 – 38
GENERAL SIZES FOR FEMALES: Dress 2 – 10, Waist 25 – 30

Instructions for Submission

Send an email submission with the following to

1) In the subject line put the role(s) you are submitting for ie: PEDESTRIANS W/UPSCALE CARS, ON-AIR REPORTERS, TV CAMERAMEN, PRINT JOURNALISTS, UPSCALE NEIGHBORS, CHILDREN OF UPSCALE NEIGHBORS, UNIFORMED OFFICERS You may submit for more than one role in a single email.

2) In the body of the email include your: name, age, height, weight, phone number, email, and zip code on your Driver’s License or State ID.

3) Include your Clothing Sizes: Men – Jacket, Shirt (Neck/Sleeve), Pants (WaistxInseam), Shoe and Women: Dress, Pants, Bust/Waist/Hips, Shoe

4) Confirm that you have filled out or updated the current Master Survey –

5) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Attach one current full body photo and one current candid headshot. We MUST have a photo of what your hair looks like right now. It doesn’t have to be professional or fancy, just accurate. Good lighting, no filters, no stickers, no duck faces, no hats, no sunglasses, just you. IF YOU SUBMIT THE SAME OLD PHOTOS THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS SUBMITTED, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THESE ROLES.

6) If you are a male who has facial hair, you must confirm that you are willing to shave beard. Mustaches are okay.

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