The Accountant Movie Auditions

The Accountant Movie Auditions

The Accountant Movie Auditions

Another top-notch feature film featuring a top-notch lead has been announced and a host of incredible auditions are coming as well. The Accountant, starring 2-time Oscar winner and Hollywood giant Ben Affleck (Argo), is set to be one of the most highly anticipated films of the year and casting calls for roles in this blockbuster are set to be held soon. Up and coming actors can apply today for consideration for a number of exciting performing opportunities.

The numbers add up to a hit – submit yourself now for a shot at a role in this star-studded feature.


The Accountant stars Affleck as the titular number cruncher working in the forensic accounting department of The F.B.I. His expert knowledge of deciphering illegal bookkeeping practices make him the perfect man to hire when criminal operations are looking to stay ahead of the law. [Continue reading]

Disney’s ‘Moana’ Casting Voice Actors

Disney's 'Moana' Casting

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‘Sleepy Hollow’ – FOX

'Sleepy Hollow" - FOX

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‘Nashville’ – ABC

'Nashville' - ABC

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‘Creed’ – Movie

'Creed' - Movie

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‘The Originals’ – The CW

'The Originals' - The CW

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‘Ant-Man’ – Movie

'Ant-Man' - Movie

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ on The CW Wants YOU!

'The Vampire Diaries' - The CW

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‘The Voice’ – NBC is Looking for Voices!

'The Voice' - NBC

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‘America’s Next Top Model’ – The CW

'America's Next Top Model' - The CW

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